Almost all homeowners have installed doorbells, so visitors’ friends and family will no longer have to knock on the door. With new technology evolving each day, consumers can choose smart options to ease numerous household duties.

That’s why installing a smart doorbell camera makes it easier if you want to access a home without needing to knock. It also offers other advantages that traditional doorbells do not have. Here are the reasons as to why you need a smart video doorbell. 

1. You will know who is at your door

The video door camera allows you to see and identify the person at your doorstep. Sometimes it could be a stranger, and you wouldn’t want to risk opening the door. Also, there is no need to disturb your other activities by sneaking to see who’s there. You can see the person standing at the door from any angle. This is why comparing different forms of smart doorbells like Ring 2 vs Ring Pro helps one pick the one that fits their needs.  

2. Prevents break-ins

Investing in smart doorbells is a great way to discourage thieves and conmen. Your home will not be vulnerable to con artists purporting to be genuine salesmen. So, can you identify the person at your door? Do they look suspicious? Are they trying to break your door? In such cases, do not panic but instead call the police or any dependable security agency to remedy the situation.

You need to let them know the urgency of the matter. Having a smart camera doorbell is an excellent way of preventing such attacks. Burglars will be afraid because these cameras will capture their images. 

3. Gives concrete evidence

Wireless doorbell cameras leave footage as vital proof that theft, burglary, or any other crime occurred. Your home insurance claims will go smoothly due to the front door videos that capture and records evidence. Also, the authorities will use the details of the security footage that was recorded to start their investigations and arrest the perpetrators. Make sure you involve the experts to correctly install your video doorbell to get the best out of it.

4. Controls traffic

Video doorbells help record all people entering your house. It could be house cleaners, gardeners, or staff carrying out renovation services. By tracking everyone accessing your home, activities will be smooth, and you will be confident that no intruder has entered your home.

5. Keeps record of all visitors while you were away

In cases where you don’t receive any video call, you will get a snapped photo of your visitors. Additionally, you will get to know what time and date they visited. You will have peace of mind while knowing that the smart doorbell is capturing real evidence. Ensure your video doorbell is Wi-Fi enabled and connected to your smartphone. Smartphones work well with Windows 10, iOS, and Android, and so on. This will allow you to get alerts of any hits to your doorbell. Also, the video Wi-Fi camera will catch any movement due to the sensors. 


There are numerous features that smart doorbells offer, and you are not limited to the mentioned ones. If you care for your security and movement in your home, then investing in one will go a long way. The several types of security doorbells that you need to compare, such as Ring 2 vs Ring Pro, before you decide on the setup process. Also, knowing how they work will help you make the right choice. 

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