If you are an Apple user, be it iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, iPod touch or Mac, your quarantine time is about to be filled with lots of movies and original Apple TV series. It is an initiative of Apple to motivate people to stay indoors and fight the pandemic through enjoying your favorite shows.

Well, the Apple users will be definitely amused by it. So, in order to list out what all you can watch, let’s have a glimpse of all the shows that Apple is offering for the quarantined people.

The people of the US can use the link Apple.co/FreeForEveryone to watch “Sorry, no Morning Show for you!”. Are you not an Apple user? Well, select Samsung and LG smart TVs, Amazon Fire TV and Roku devices are also endowed with this capability of running the Apple shows.

  • Little America: This is an anthology series having love stories of immigrants in America. The stories are funny, romantic, inspiring and honestly, they reveal the scenario of the current times in an apt way.
  • Servant: It is an American psychological horror thriller. Produced by M. N. Shyamalan. A mysterious being creates tumultuous happenings after the married life of a Philadelphia couple is dismantled.
  • Dickinson: Alena Smith has used her creativity to showcase the life of Emily Dickinson through this comedy-drama. The various constraints that Emily had to face in her society like every other girl are deeply portrayed in this web-series.
  • Helpers: The makers of Sesame Street have brought out of this live-action pre-school series. It has some conspicuous monsters who are up at solving problems.
  • All for mankind: History seems to be juggled in this science fiction web series. The first manned moon landing is curiously shown to be excelled by USSR and not the US. This alternate history portrayal makes us believe in ‘what could be’.
  • Ghostwriter: This is a children’s mystery television series. A group of kids of Brooklyn solves mysterious problems of their locality like young detectives. This task is performed through the help of a mysterious being who communicates with the kids through manipulating the written documents that he finds to form his statements.
  • The Elephant Queen: The queen refers to an elephant matriarch named Athena, who efficiently manages to lead her brethren through the heavily dangerous grasslands and woodlands and few seasonal waterholes. It is narrated by Chiwetel Ejiofor. This wildlife documentary indeed crosses genres and feeds the viewers with true depiction.
  • Snoopy in Space: featuring Charlie Brown and the peanuts gang, this Canadian-American web series shows how Snoopy fulfills his dreams by taking up the task of becoming a NASA astronaut.

So these web series will be available for the Apple users and the selected other users. But do remember that they are not free from now on. This Apple TV+ free tenure is limited for the quarantine only. Still, something is better than nothing!