Realme TV series to launch soon, with Bluetooth SIG certificate achieved

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Since the time Realme has arrived in the digital platform, it has amazed its users with more and more up-to-date technology. With the range of already existing products, Realme is guessed to be launching its series of smart TVs.

Well, you may ask how do we know about the range of TVs that Realme is about to produce. So here it is. The Realme TV remote has undergone a SIG certification test and it has come out successfully. So the guesses about an upcoming TV series by Realme is at the peak.

Another important reason behind this guesswork is that the Indian BIS certification website has recently displayed the Realme TV. So logically, this is the remote of a TV set. And the news of certification has made it very clear that it won’t be long when we users will witness the Realme Smart TV.

The certificate shows the name of the design to be the Realme remote control. It has a model number RTRC1. The little accessible news about the remote so far is that it will run using Bluetooth v5.0 and feature a 4.0 Host Controller Interface. And of course, it will have a battery.

Other products of Realme

Let us not forget that before this TV, Realme has also brought out Realme wireless buds, called Realme buds Air. We also know about the fitness band called Realme band that changed the view of many health-conscious people. After conquering the tech world with these products, Realme was all set to launch the smartwatches and smart TVs.

The TV that is supposed to be launched by Realme will bear the model number JSC55LSQLED. Do you see that but ends with QLED? Yes, this TV has a QLED display and measures 55-inches. This QLED factor will raise the price of this TV as LCDs cost lesser than QLED. And hence we are assuming that this TV will compete with OnePlus TV.

While the Realme smartwatches as yet to launch, the TVs are soon to be launched, as suggested by the SIG certification of the Bluetooth remotes. 2020 is definitely the year that Realme is thinking of establishing itself as a tech giant. And with the Indian BIS certification Indians are soon to witness this launch too.

So here is the news for you to rejoice. With more info arriving, more details will be in our view. So let that happy hour arrive and we will provide you with the news.

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