McDonald’s is planning to announce a “5G” product on April 15

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McDonald, a name that is known globally for being the fast-food mogul, is venturing way off from their area of expertise namely that of technology. The fast-food chain recently posted a new warm-up poster for its upcoming product. If people were to expect a new burger, they could not be more wrong. The poster revealed that McDonald’s to launch a new “5G” product. This indeed came as a shock to everyone. The new product and its details will be premiered on April 15.

Confusion, disbelief is some of the reactions that netizens expressed at this news. Some even went out of their way to proclaim that they think the 5G is the new chicken or even five chicken drums. Regardless of the nature of the food, people are still adamant about the fact that the new 5G product has to be related to whatever McDonald’s is famous for.

Before the discussion on the nature of the new 5G product took a weird turn, McDonald’s issued a poster that was quickly picked up by Ben main who is rightfully called a screen genius. According to the poster, the theme of the new product is ‘boundless overflow, ready to come out.’

To further create a buzz, the fast-food chain’s WeChat applet has opened a new “5G” gift certificate that includes three kinds of coupons, limited to free, 50% off, 10% off, three kinds of coupons are sent randomly.

Price and availability

The consumers will get the window from April 13th to 14th and McDonald’s registered members can randomly select a new “5G” coupon. The free and 50% discount coupons are limited to 200,000 and 800,000, respectively.

The price of the 5G phone including details will be announced on April 15, and the event is McDonald’s members’ exclusive event. The new product vouchers can only be redeemed on April 15th and 16th through applets, restaurant buffet ordering machines, and restaurant counter scan codes.

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