With the evolution of the internet, people have started depending on it. This dependence is increasing exponentially. The internet space is accommodating more and more websites day by day. With more people switching to the internet for marketing has made it important to review your website. That’s where cross-browsing testing comes handy. Cross-browsing testing involves reviewing your website on different operating devices, web browsers and web pages.

There are numerous testing tools available on the internet which makes it important to choose one amongst them. That’s where we present to you, Comparium, a tool that will make your cross-browser testing more convenient. This tool will provide a platform where you are not supposed to visit different websites to test your own. You can also try Selenium Tool.

Selenium is an efficient tool for automated web testing. This free testing tool helps to test website over the different platforms and browsers. Every organization needs to create a website perfectly and could attract customers towards its site. The tool has equipped with four components to test the site from all sides and remove all kinds of errors.

This testing tool is not only limited to the testing but it can also perform the repeated task for the website. With the use of the tool, the user can explore speed is faster and offer to test within a few minutes. This testing also automatically scales testing of the site so that you can meet the goal set. Selenium also helps in automating the boring website so that you can have an attractive and interesting site for clients.

Features of Comparium tool

Supports all browsers

With different web browsers out there, it is always a challenge to test your website on the browser that you are currently using. Our tool allows you to work on various browsers. Internet Explorer 8.0, 11.0, Google Chrome 73.0, 74.0, 75.0, Mozilla Firefox 67.0, 68.0, Safari 11.0 is example of few browsers our tool is compatible with. You can easily test your website no matter which browser you are using.  

Supports all platforms

As is the case is with different browsers, choosing a correct platform is also a headache. Guess what, we covered this as well. Our tool is compatible with every browser, whether it is Windows 7, 8, 10, Mac OS X Mojave, High Sierra, Linux or any other. This tool will provide a smooth experience on every platform. This function makes our tool a vital product in the market. 

Tests as many websites as you want

When you are handling more than one website, it becomes difficult to test them. This might not give you a favorable outcome of handling websites. We have made your task easier with Comparium. Now you can easily test as many websites as you want in one tool.

Offline result

Testing your website requires you to sit down and spend your precious internet data in doing so. It is not the case with our tool. Our tool will only require your Email ID and URL of the website without your internet data. The test results will be sent to your Email ID.

Cost-efficient and time-saving

It comes with two versions. The first version is free of cost. The second version is paid but the services that are provided by the second version won’t let you think twice in investing. Our tool provides an automated experience that won’t allow you to spend your time and get a result. As we all know the value of time for a businessman. We are shortly coming up with other versions as well to improve your experience with us.  

Screenshot function

It is always important to have a review of your test available at any time. This will allow you to overcome the mistakes you did before. Our tool comes with a facility that will ensure that a screenshot of your result has been sent to you. These screenshots can be saved for future references. 


With so many testing tools available out there, it is always wise to choose a tool that enhances your cross-browsing testing experience. These features will surely make your task convenient. With many versions still to come, our tool presents a strong statement in front of every website owner. These features that we discussed place our tool above our competitors. We have made sure that users leave with a pleasant experience and they no longer feel tired after testing their website.

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