Ready to start your tech consultancy business? Here’s what you need to do to stand out

Estimates suggest that  300,000 positions are outsourced each year. This is a sensible move for businesses who want to focus on their niche and allow freelancers and specialized firms to address administrative and operational tasks, but nonetheless, many businesses would rather invest in professional support and maintain control of their own operations.

This leaves a valuable opening for tech specialists, and technology consultancy is always in high demand. If you’re considering establishing your own tech consultancy firm, you’ll need to zone in on a narrow market if you want to stand out from the crowd. 

Identify your niche

The key to building a successful tech consultancy business is considering your market before you try to sell a service.  Settling on a good niche will afford you profitable customers, the ability to deliver specialized skills, and minimal competition.

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To settle on a niche, identify your skills, whether they’re in project management, PHP, Java or a combination of different fields. Note your industry experience, logging every industry in which you’ve used your skills, and your experience using different hardware, software, and systems.

Once you have a clear idea of these details, match your skills and experience with different markets, analyzing what industry your specific background best suits. You may find you’re well-placed to offer tech consultancy to new small businesses, or you may find you’re in the ideal position to target intelligence reporting in the hospitality sector. Whatever it is, this should be the market you’ll target.

Important administrative tasks

Once you have decided on your specialty, it’s time to create your business plan and register your new company. Make sure you have your business structure clear before you do this, as this will affect whether you need to register as a sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation or LLC.

You’ll need to check area regulations, as some states require different registration steps. You will also need consultant insurance in place before you begin offering your services, as this will cover both your company and its employees in the event of injury or illness, allowing you to focus on delivering your service.

Taking the time to work on administrative tasks like this before you begin working with customers can seem arduous, but it’s vital that you can focus on serving your clients as soon as you launch your business. Setting up policies and registrations in advance is a must if you’re to stand out over other tech consultancy firms. 

Focus on your communication strategy

The world of tech consultancy contains many skilled experts, but just as not all of them have zoned in on a narrow market, not all of them are great at communicating what they do. Taking the time to work on your communication strategy will help prospective clients understand the service you’re offering.

From here, you can then work on a marketing strategy to target the specific niche you plan to work with. Not all business owners know what it is they need: you must be clear on what you offer and which businesses stand to benefit from it.

If you’ve reached the point that you’re ready to launch your own consultancy firm, you already have the specialist skills your niche requires.

If you want to stand out from competing companies, the key is to focus on targeting the correct market, communicating your services, and setting up the business side of things. There is a wealth of businesses needing tech consultancy: your job now is to let them know they need you.

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