Sixteen “high-risk contacts” of a pizza delivery agent, who was infected with COVID-19 last week, have tested negative for coronavirus in south Delhi, an official said on Monday.

The 19-year-old pizza delivery agent had tested positive for the virus on April 14, prompting authorities to put 72 families he delivered pizza under home quarantine.

“All 16 high-risk contacts of pizza delivery boy have tested negative. They are colleagues of the pizza delivery agent who was infected with coronavirus recently, south Delhi District Magistrate B M Mishra told PTI.

Mishra said the district administration has not conducted COVID-19 tests on members of 72 families as they have not shown any symptoms of the infection so far.

The delivery agent was feeling unwell for some time and had a persistent cough since the third week of March. Later, he approached a hospital where he tested positive for the disease.