Console Gamers Forced to Turn Off Crossplay to Ward Off Cheaters

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Crossplay has turned out to be a difficult situation for console gamers as they struggle to cope with PC cheats and aimbots.

Crossplay was a long-awaited feature as it lets people play in the same game irrespective of which version of the game they own on different platforms. Before Crossplay came into being, Call Of Duty could only be played with someone that owned the same console as you, but post-Crossplay, the scenario has changed a lot.

Call of Duty: Warzone could be played by anyone, even PC owners, and also using a console. The problem that the gamers are facing now is that it is a lot easier to cheat on PC than it is on consoles.

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The problem has gotten so worse that the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners are doing away with Crossplay altogether. The developers have noticed this and announced that they have banned over 70,000 players for cheating in Call of Duty.

Aimbots work perfectly on PCs, and it has the ability to target headshots even through walls. The developers took the most serious step, that of banning players.

The team of developers, Infinity Ward had been promoting cross-play for a long time now because with battle royale matches taking up to 150 people, the game needs as many gamers available as possible at all times, so that no player is left without a single match.

However, banning does not seem to do that job because the gamers can create another account, and cheat from there. Some players on Reddit have also suggested that the PC owners should have to link their account to a phone number to prevent them from making another account when they are banned from the game for cheating.

Other suggested alternatives including limiting crossplay to just PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, although so far there’s no indication that Infinity Ward is planning to implement either solution.

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