Some people only see how technology causes damages. If people could look around to see how technology is assisting humans, many of us will appreciate technology. According to Thesis Rush, technology is breaking barriers in many fields of study. In this article, we shall talk on how technology is breaking down the barriers around mental health. After reading this article, you’ll see how technology mitigates its own damages and how it makes extraordinary things happen. Here are some things you should know:

1. Technology is neutral

In many parts of the world, there is a stigma that people associate with a mental health issue. A digital initiative like mental health chatbots can help people take away the shame they feel when they seek help. An AI psychologist can come in various forms, such as app and add-on. People can share personal data without worrying about criticism, trust, and judgment. Chatbots aren’t intrusive like humans, so they are easy to trust.

2. Technology is preventative

The World Health Organization conducted research and realized that the number of depressed people around the world increased by 18% between 2005 and 2015. This increase suggests that there is a need for preventative measures against depression and other mental issues.

A preventative measure can look into risk factors and provide immediate assistant to prevent further issues. For instance, a mental health app can track everything about a person and use the data it obtains to create programs that’ll increase resilience even before anything happens.

3. Technology is accessible

Many people don’t live close to their mental health professionals, so it’s not convenient for them to visit their health professionals regularly. Digital health and telehealth provide alternatives, which allow people to get help even in remote areas. With technology, people can consult virtual AI mental health coaches from anywhere and at any time of the day.

4. Technology is precise

A lot of technological inventions gather data that are more detailed and exact than the ones humans gather. Take the MRI machine as an example. It can scan the brain and measure blood sugar levels. The utility of technology doesn’t stop on mere analysis of physical states. It can go further to determine the mental states of individuals. A digitalized mental health assessment can precisely understand any individual.

5. Technology is inclusive

Universities have started recording their lectures to allow students to study the content at whatever pace they desire. This practice is very beneficial to students who have attention deficit disorder or dyslexia. Students with disabilities can also watch recorded lectures from their homes or even buy a college essay. Technology allows students with mental health challenges to work around their difficulties while they study. This is just one out of thousands of initiatives that put people with mental health challenges into conservation.


It’ll be unjust to say that technology only causes damage. Technology has assisted humans in recording great achievements and in living a better life. Presently, it’s still allowing us to live a healthier and more fulfilled life. We believe that technology will continue to assist people in living a healthier life in the future.

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