With WhatsApp and Facebook auto sync, your business is now all set!

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Whatsapp business info auto sync facebook page

Have you been running a business and using social media platforms for its growth? And was a Facebook page helping you to manage these business scenarios? And were you using a WhatsApp business account as well to run the business? Well here is the news that will make you set all the scrambled apps together. So there is this new option in WhatsApp that allows you auto-sync your Facebook page or info with your WhatsApp Business profile.

Well, now you must be inquisitive about what this feature has to provide us with! So, as soon as you auto-sync your WhatsApp business profile info with your Facebook page, this action will allow you to edit all your public information on WhatsApp directly from Facebook.

Since this will be a business profile so more than one person may be associated with the account and hence only the privileged people links with the profile can get access to this Facebook page and edit the content and update the information that auto-syncs to the WhatsApp Business account.

Also with this multi-user functional option, you must be aware of the fact that these people privileged to make changes in the content can also turn this feature on and off.

This new option definitely allows you to be at perfect ease to handle the apps. It is like you have one control room for all the actions that you need to perform. Hence your tasks over social media about your business seem quite sorted.

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