Live Updates: COVID-19 Cases
  • World 13,114,973
    Confirmed: 13,114,973
    Active: 4,906,409
    Recovered: 7,635,655
    Death: 572,909
  • USA 3,436,152
    Confirmed: 3,436,152
    Active: 1,780,035
    Recovered: 1,518,254
    Death: 137,863
  • Brazil 1,866,176
    Confirmed: 1,866,176
    Active: 580,513
    Recovered: 1,213,512
    Death: 72,151
  • India 898,680
    Confirmed: 898,680
    Active: 308,447
    Recovered: 566,664
    Death: 23,569
  • Russia 733,699
    Confirmed: 733,699
    Active: 218,239
    Recovered: 504,021
    Death: 11,439
  • Peru 326,326
    Confirmed: 326,326
    Active: 97,345
    Recovered: 217,111
    Death: 11,870
  • Chile 317,657
    Confirmed: 317,657
    Active: 24,077
    Recovered: 286,556
    Death: 7,024
  • Spain 300,988
    Confirmed: 300,988
    Active: 272,585
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 28,403
  • Mexico 299,750
    Confirmed: 299,750
    Active: 79,980
    Recovered: 184,764
    Death: 35,006
  • UK 290,133
    Confirmed: 290,133
    Active: 245,303
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 44,830
  • South Africa 276,242
    South Africa
    Confirmed: 276,242
    Active: 137,289
    Recovered: 134,874
    Death: 4,079
  • Iran 259,652
    Confirmed: 259,652
    Active: 24,081
    Recovered: 222,539
    Death: 13,032
  • Pakistan 251,625
    Confirmed: 251,625
    Active: 84,442
    Recovered: 161,917
    Death: 5,266
  • Italy 243,061
    Confirmed: 243,061
    Active: 13,179
    Recovered: 194,928
    Death: 34,954
  • Saudi Arabia 235,111
    Saudi Arabia
    Confirmed: 235,111
    Active: 63,026
    Recovered: 169,842
    Death: 2,243
  • Turkey 212,993
    Confirmed: 212,993
    Active: 13,115
    Recovered: 194,515
    Death: 5,363
  • Germany 200,239
    Confirmed: 200,239
    Active: 6,002
    Recovered: 185,100
    Death: 9,137
  • Bangladesh 186,894
    Confirmed: 186,894
    Active: 86,186
    Recovered: 98,317
    Death: 2,391
  • France 170,752
    Confirmed: 170,752
    Active: 62,360
    Recovered: 78,388
    Death: 30,004
  • Canada 107,590
    Confirmed: 107,590
    Active: 27,340
    Recovered: 71,467
    Death: 8,783
  • China 83,602
    Confirmed: 83,602
    Active: 320
    Recovered: 78,648
    Death: 4,634
  • Netherlands 51,093
    Confirmed: 51,093
    Active: 44,956
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 6,137
  • S. Korea 13,479
    S. Korea
    Confirmed: 13,479
    Active: 986
    Recovered: 12,204
    Death: 289
  • Australia 9,980
    Confirmed: 9,980
    Active: 2,104
    Recovered: 7,768
    Death: 108
  • New Zealand 1,544
    New Zealand
    Confirmed: 1,544
    Active: 25
    Recovered: 1,497
    Death: 22

China ‘will pay a price’ for causing ‘huge challenge’ for the global economy: Pompeo

Author at TechGenyz Health
Mike Pompeo
US Secretary Of State, Mike Pompeo Talking On Global Economy. Credit: @newvisionwire/Twitter

Blaming China for the coronavirus pandemic, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said it has caused a "huge challenge" for the global as well as the US economy by not sharing the information they had and the ruling Communist Party "will pay a price" for it.

China has come under increasing pressure from nations across the world, including the US, over the lack of transparency in its handling of the coronavirus pandemic, which has so far claimed more than 190,870 lives globally, with America leading the tally with nearly 50,000 deaths.

President Donald Trump had said his administration was looking into reports that the novel coronavirus "escaped" from a Wuhan virology laboratory before it spread to the world.

"I am very confident that the Chinese Communist Party will pay a price for what they did here, certainly from the United States. I don't know exactly what form that will take," Pompeo told Fox News in an interview on Thursday night.

However, he underlined that the focus was not on China now but the US administration's goal is to control the virus and revive the American economy.

"It's on making sure we keep Americans safe, take down the health risk, keep people healthy as we can, and get this economy going back," he said.

"But I am very confident. I talk to business people all around the country. I talk to ordinary citizens -- people who have put their lives at risk over the last weeks. They know that this is a result of this virus that originated in Wuhan, China, and they know that the Chinese government didn't do the things it needed to do. There will be a cost associated with that," Pompeo asserted.

Pompeo said there will be a time to make sure that "we get this right" and to make sure that the US is not dependent on China for its pharmaceutical goods.

The top US diplomat said Americans are angry over China's handling of the coronavirus outbreak and President Trump also feels the same way.

"China caused an enormous amount of pain, loss of life, and now a huge challenge for the global economy and the American economy as well, by not sharing the information they had. We still don't have full transparency from the Chinese Communist Party...there are things we don't know...We haven't been able to get our team on the ground to do the work that it needs to do," Pompeo said.

"This is an ongoing challenge in that the Chinese Communist Party and the World Health Organisation have failed to do the things they have the responsibility to do when they have a pandemic inside of their country," he said.

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