Saathi chatbot by MyGov launches for Indian citizens to provide correct info

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When chaos is prevailing everywhere, the minds of the people are bound to search for a dependable source of information. In the situation of a global bio hazard named Corona, just and right information needs to be spread instead of the foul misleading ones. In order to stop the citizens of India from stepping into platforms that pollute their minds with misleading information MyGov has brought out the new initiative called Saathi chatbot.

The sole aim of this initiative is to keep the citizens of India informed and updated with the correct information.

Usually, if you go on and search about the facts of COVID-19, you will avail a lot of information that may scare you, make you wonder, or even make you do haphazard things. But wait, do you think all of those facts are correct and will land you into some safe zone? It is time to think twice before you believe all of them.

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The government of India has been keeping a tab on all the mishaps that have been occurring in the nation due to all this misleading information. We may better call them myths. And guess what, this Saathi chatbot by the Indian government will actually exterminate all of these myths. The users of this Saathi chatbot will be aware of the truest of the news and will help them in keeping back from the wrong news.

In the ongoing situation, every wrong step will lead to the sacrifice of so many people. India is aware that so many superpowers of the world have knelt down in front of the pandemic. So what we need at the hour in hand is the correct and updated news that will help us in buckling up and fight this disease.

This initiative by the government of India is indeed remarkable in the current situation. In order to access Saathi chatbot, you need to go to MyGov is the platform initiated by the government of India through which the government interacts with its citizens through technology and deals with the various situations of the nation. This time it has launched the Saathi chatbot for the people of the Nation.

This platform will help us build up a better network of information and allow us to fight the battle against COVID-19 by being informed. Hence let us stay informed and fight Corona by staying safe with the correct information.

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