Samsung TV issue: Customers complain about Dark bands on the screen

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Samsung TV models have been receiving flak from its customers. There has been a consistent reportage of dark spots appearing on the TV screen. This has been noticed across Samsung TV models.

The issue

The dark spots appear in vertical bands. Sometimes in the middle, and sometimes on either side of the TV screen. Given the frequency of its occurrence, it seems to be a design fault from Samsung’s end. Users have been left dissatisfied and angry as they haven’t received good value for their value.

Extent of the issue

One of the customers paid $1600 for the TV. It was a full HD Samsung, and it developed 3 vertical lines with green color. The product was just 18 months old. People have reported the problem on UN65 models. The issue has also been noticed on the MU7000. Complaints have also been received from a few months old 55-inches Q70R models.

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The dark bands or spots have been noticed on TVs which have been in use for just a few months since purchase to TVs which have completed two years. The issue seems to persist across the 6 series of Samsung TVs, all the way up to QLED models.

Does a solution exist

The South Korean company doesn’t seem to have a solid fix for the problem. There is a diagnostic picture test one can perform by following these steps:

 Navigate to Settings > Support > Self Diagnosis > Picture Test, and then follow the on-screen directions.

However, this just confirms if the problem is with the TV or not. It doesn’t provide a solution. Adjusting picture settings also doesn’t seem to fix the issue. Certain customers were asked to change the faulty panel by the Samsung customer care representatives. And only changing the panel seemed to help.

Changing the panel is not cheap. For the people whose Samsung TVs are under warranty, it’s a viable option.

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