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Elon Musk appears to be at it again with yet another set of explosive tweets. His latest tweet hinted at the possibility of installing games like Minecraft and Pokemon Go games into Tesla cars. Last week, Musk was under the attention spotlight for making the Tesla stock drop substantially. “Minecraft has amazing legs,” Tesla CEO tweeted on Sunday. “Anyone think they can get a good multiplayer Minecraft working on Teslas? Or maybe create a game that interacts virtually with reality like Pokémon Go while driving safely? Like a complex version of Pac-man or Mario Kart?” he added.

The idea of installing games inti Tesla cars is not his top-of-the-head idea. Earlier this year, sometime in January he put up a poll on Tweeter asking his followers if they would like the game The Witcher installed in Tesla. The idea of including Minecraft seems to be bounced off of a follower’s request who said that both he and his son would prefer it if Minecraft was installed in Tesla. Musk apparently agreed to the idea.

Some of the followers’ replies to Musk’s tweet shows that it could be done. However, the question of safety always remains and if it ever comes to fruition, Tesla would probably give utmost importance to the safety of the drivers and passengers.

The tweet could also go up in smokes, as Musk’s most tweets get him in trouble. Last week his tweet regarding the stock of Tesla being too high, made Tesla’s market value go down by 14 billion USD in just hours. Another of his explosive tweets back in 2018 cost him his role as Tesla chairman, and a settlement between Musk and Tesla of fraud chargers, which included 40 million USD in penalties.  

It is still a mystery if Musk was serious about installing Minecraft, Pokemon Go, and more games in Tesla, or if he was just thinking out loud.

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