Xiaomi teases the new IoT Mi box for smart TVs in India

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Mi fans are already excited for the 8th of May as Xiaomi is about you launch its newest product MI 10 (108MP). But Xiaomi has decided to amaze its fans with another product to please their fans, It is the new IoT device for Smart TVs, Mi Box.

Xiaomi has flooded the world of Televisions with its smart TVs called the MiTV. But what about those Mi fans who couldn’t buy one of them as they are using some other TV which is not a Smart one. Well Xiaomi is here for their rescue. It’s the golden opportunity for them to turn their TVs into Smart TVs.

This new launch that is being teased is for India and Mi fans of India can avail this option for their feature TVs to be turned into Smart TVs with this Mi box.

A video has been launched to make the fans be more excited about this launch. The video asks the viewers if they are missing out on ‘great content’ and if they still do not want to upgrade their TVs. This “Still” refers to none other than the era of 2020. So Xiaomi is indeed interested to know if the feature TV users do not want to upgrade their TV even in 2020. And then with a cool music Xiaomi announces that it has the “solution” coming soon for these users.

Since the turning of feature TVs into Smart TV includes every non-MiTV, we can understand that the canopy of development of Xiaomi is increasing and its encapsulation is widely made open to all. Hence we know that Xiaomi is staying one step ahead of other brands in developing the world with its techs.

So what are you waiting for? Now you know that it isn’t only Mi10 that will keep you gazing at 8th of May. So the New Mi Box that will soon change the viewers experience of TVs is soon to arrive and Xiaomi is again ahead in the race of this technology.

So if you still have a feature TV then make it Smart soon with Xiaomi’s Mi IoT. After all it is 2020 and again, what are you waiting for!

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