NASA’s Mars Rover was designed to bring success to NASA’s long-awaited Mars mission; but as is the case with any venture into space, nothing can be predicted beforehand.

Likewise, NASA’s Mars rover “Insight” came into contact with a few difficulties, and a foreign media reported that the rover failed to complete the mission that it was designed to.

However, overcoming this difficulty, Insight may be able to work normally again. A mole of the rover. A self-hammer nail mole is making progress. The instrument from the Insight can hammer itself into the Martian underground. It was designed in such a way that it can hammer itself into a depth of 16 feet. After its first attempt to dig into the Martian soil, it also faced some problems.

The main problem was not with the mole’s technique but rather with the kind of soil that Mars has. The dust on Mars is too lose for the Mole to penetrate. NASA scientists started brainstorming ideas so as to overcome this difficulty. At first, the Insight team used the rover’s robotic arm to push the soil around so as to be drilled, giving the detector enough traction. However, this attempt failed to achieve its goal.

In the end, NASA decided to push the end of the mole into the surface of Mars. This is a dangerous option as the tail of the mole is connected to Insight’s cable. Pushing all the difficulties to the side, this method has proved itself to be a success.

NASA reported that now the mole can dig depth of more than one centimeter at a time, and then the robotic arm needs to be adjusted again. It goes without saying that this makes the entire process longer, and time-consuming. Scientists have yet to see if it can dig all the way to the designated depth.

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