Live Updates: COVID-19 Cases
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    Death: 711,108
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TikTok to conduct large-scale recruitment in new London center

Author at TechGenyz Business

After having the largest TikTok office in Los Angeles, USA, TikTok has decided to set up a new office for Europe in London. This will obviously lead to the influx of a huge number of employees.

London has grabbed the center of all attracting of the TikTok administration and they have decided to set up their new office in London instead of all the top class existing places known for their hub of technology. This is a piece of positive news for Londoners as the large-scale recruitment resulting from this will benefit the local talents. And a technology industry practitioner has reported that TikTok is soon to recruit people in huge numbers as they have been contacted too.

London is not the first place in Europe to witness the setting up of a TikTok center. There are other hubs as well in Paris, Dublin, and Berlin. Along with this, 41 countries hold TikTok offices. LinkedIn has revealed that ludicrous salary is the reason why not only fresh employees but also the existing workers of Facebook and Google are hurrying to join TikTok.

While TikTok has announced that they have a vacancy for 824 employees out of which 117 are required in London itself, LinkedIn shows that TikTok is actually recruiting 2948 employees worldwide. The primary posts that need to be filled are the Chief machine learning engineer, iOS engineer, Chief solution engineer, solution engineer in charge of the Trust and Security center, and software engineer. For the London office, TikTok is also looking for a Product Manager.

The other vacancies that are around, include 110 in Mountain View where Google’s headquarter exists, 91 in Los Angeles, 61 in New York, and 60 in Singapore.

TikTok’s Trust and Security center takes care of the local law enforcement requests and perform all the audits of the videos uploaded by the users. These centers are located in Dublin, Singapore, and Mountain View.

TikTok is holding its ground very firmly and they are providing their employees with facilities like cafes, restaurants, yoga centers, and gyms, that tech giants like Facebook and Google provide to their employees. These facilities along with handsome salary have led to the exodus of many giant tech men. Theo Bertram, the Google veteran left Google and joined TikTok last December. He was positioned as the director of European government relations and public policy. Even Facebook’s recruitment director sought similar change as he left Facebook and joined TikTok as the head of recruitment in western Europe.

With these key news about the recruitment, we can make an idea that TikTok is establishing itself as a permanent platform is social media. Their competent attitude may serve them well and benefits the employees as well. We only hope to find more such positive opportunities in time.