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The beginner’s guide to prevent and fix corrupt videos

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All of us like to shoot videos at different important moments in our life so that we can watch them in the future. We like to download different videos over the internet so that we can watch them whenever we want to. For many people, creating videos is a profession. 

All of this signifies the importance of all our video files. Thus, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that most of us would be devastated if our videos were to get corrupted for any reason. There are a lot of mistakes we make that can cause corruption to our video files. Let me discuss them in detail: 

Avoid Unexpected power off 

Video files have bits of current signals. If your computer was to shut down abruptly, these signals won’t get transported completely which can lead to the video getting corrupted. An abrupt shutdown of the device while downloading, transferring, or playing the videos can cause damage to the files and you will have to go looking for ways to fix corrupt videos in order to be able to play them again. 

You must always check if there’s sufficient battery in your device before engaging in any activity with the video files. Always make sure to close the video files before shutting down the device. 

Use the external devices properly 

Video files take up quite some space on your device. Over time, a greater number of video files end up occupying a lot of storage and your device and you will have to transfer them to an external storage device.

While this is alright, you must use the device properly or your video will end up getting damaged. Check for any malware on the device before uploading your files onto it. Always ensure that the files are not running on your device before you eject the external storage. 

Using external storage devices in a proper way will help you prevent any damage to your video files. 

Download the files properly 

When you download a video file over the internet, you need to have a strong internet connection because an unstable or a weak net connection will lead to the files getting corrupted and you won’t be able to play them once they’re downloaded. You must also avoid any disruptions like pausing the download or abrupt shutdown of your device. 

Keep the files on secure servers 

Nowadays, many people are opting for storing their video files on online servers and taking the help of various cloud services. This is a great way to save space on your device and also keep your files secure and view them whenever you want to.

However, these servers are not prone to damages and if you are using an unreliable one, your files might end up getting corrupted. That’s why you must always look for a reliable online service to keep your video files in a secure environment. 

How to repair MKV files and MOV files? 

Now that you’ve learned about how you can prevent your video files from getting damaged, here are some ways you can learn about how to fix your files if they are damaged for some reason: 

Use a MOV and MKV repair tool 

The best solution to fix your corrupted videos is to use free video repair software. There are a lot of free video repair tools available in the market at present. You should go through all the video repairing software available and then select the best video repair software for fixing your corrupted videos.

Click on the link to know more about corrupted video file repair software free download. This option might sound a bit expensive but don’t worry. There is plenty of good free mp4 repair software. However, you must always look for reliable software otherwise your video may end up getting corrupted even more. You can download video repair software free here. 

MKV and MOV file repair using VLC 

The VLC Media Player is one of the most widely used media players present. It only supports videos in the AVI format but people still use it because it comes along with an inbuilt feature that converts files from any format into the AVI format. Not only that, but VLC Media Player can also act as a video repairing tool. It comes with an inbuilt feature of repairing broken videos. You can simply play your videos in the VLC Media Player and it will scan for the corrupted files itself and fix them for you. This is the cheapest option for fixing your videos and is also one that will save you a lot of time. 

Up-to-date your video card drivers 

Video drivers are essential to play the videos on your devices. Many times, when your files won’t play on your device, it might simply be because your video drivers are outdated and not because your video files are corrupted. Always check if your video drivers are updated. 

While there are ways in which you can repair your broken videos, you must still exercise precautions while using video files to make sure that they don’t get damaged in the first place. Video files are very important to all of us, some basics like having a strong internet connection, keeping your device free of malware and having power backups can keep them safe. 

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