Facebook Likes are now an important aspect of any product, brand, or service. Your Facebook presence matters a lot and strong Facebook pages are likely to have a positive impact on your business. A successful page always has thousands of likes. But getting these likes is not easy; you need to devise many strategies before you can mobilize real people on your Facebook page. 

If you are a budding enterprise looking to make an impact, I advise you to opt for professional Facebook advertising services. To be genuinely successful, you should go for original methods. 

Following are 5 original ways of getting Facebook Likes: 

1. YouTube videos can bring more traffic 

YouTube videos are one of the very effective ways to bring traffic to your page and eventually get Facebook likes. You can link to your associated website as well as your Facebook page from videos. You can now even set up a live broadcast from your Facebook page. You can do it the other way round, as well; drive traffic from Facebook to your website

2. Email signatures and business cards 

Just estimate your flow of emails daily and include your employees’ guesstimate as well. So now, you roughly know about the dependence of your business on emails. Ask your employees to attach the Facebook page’s link in the signature of the email. This will bring tons of people to your page. 

Another very subtle way to gain free Facebook likes is to add your Facebook address on your business card. The people who read the card may visit your Facebook page. 

3. Unresponsive pages 

This method can bring you some loyal fans and free Facebook likes. Keep on checking your competitors’ pages, especially the popular ones. Many big brands do not believe in responding in an appropriate way. So, here is the task for you – start answering the concerns of users, immediately. Soon you will end up stealing some devoted customers to your page and in due course, to your brand. 

4. What your visitor’s want 

One very effective way is to bring frequent quizzes and contests that give discounts and require “share and win” condition. It always gets you new Facebook likes and customers on your page. 

Another idea is to offer jobs on your page. If your company has a vacancy, post it on Facebook. This helps in bringing new visitors because users often share such posts. This even makes sure that people visiting your page, again and again, will be interested in more openings and positions. 

5. Join hands with a cause 

Have you ever wondered why NGOs and pages of social enterprises are so popular on Facebook? Because by liking them, people actually believe that they are contributing toward a cause. You can also make use of this mentality of people in your favor. Try to join your page with some cause. You can even generate a cause for your own product, i.e. ask people for suggestions to make your product environment-friendly. 

These are just a few ways to get Facebook likes organically, but mind it, the more likes are not necessarily translated to more customers. You may have to acquire professional advertising services or hire a Facebook marketing expert in your firm to carry out different promotional tasks.  

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