Xiaomi alarm could prevent Windows from being a safety hazard for children

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Xiaomi crowd-funded a window alarm on May 23 to ensure the safety of children living in multistorey buildings. The smart alarm can physically lock the size of the window and can set off the alarm if the size changes.

Every family living in the upper floors of a multistorey building with children must sometimes fear for their children’s safety, especially the huge windows could be a safety hazard for some.

Xiaomi has kept in mind the main issues and fears of parents regarding this safety issue, and thus has designed the alarm in such a way that it can limit how much farther the window could open.

The alarm could not only open the window for normal ventilation, but it could also make sure that the window is opened within the safe range. If a child attempts to open a window, and moves it beyond the safety limit, a loud volume alarm will be issued immediately to warn the parents of the possible safety hazard.

The alarm, in a sense, has a two-way usage. Not only it will keep the kids safe inside, but it could also detect if it is being forcefully opened from the outside. The Mijia app could be used as a virtual control for the alarm, and the smartphone can also receive the alarm warnings.

The Tiny Window Limit Alarm is connected to the Mijia app, as mentioned before, and it can be controlled and configured by mobile phones. The smartphone can also receive alarm information. Furthermore, the alarm notifications could also be shared with family members by sharing the account with the other family members.

The smart version of the alarm comes with support for the Mijia app linked camera. If a window is broken from the outside, the camera will immediately start recording the event, and send the video to the linked mobile phone of the owner.

Furthermore, the alarm could be linked with XiaoAI Speaker that will blast cautionary messages if anyone manages to open the window beyond the designated safety limits.

When the alarm is disabled, it will not interfere with the opening and closing of the window. As mentioned before, the alarm limit lock for Dingling sliding doors and windows is in crowdfunding thanks to Xiaomi Youpin.

The clock comes in two versions – the standard version and the smart version. The standard version only supports local alarms, and the smart version could perform more tasks. The standard alarm is priced at 69 yuan, and the smart version of the alarm is priced at 99 yuan.

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