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Galaxy Book S will now be equipped with Intel Hybrid Technology

Author at TechGenyz Computer
Samsung Galaxy Book S Laptop
Samsung Introduces Galaxy Book S With Intel's Hybrid Technology

Samsung Galaxy Book S is a laptop that has been winning hearts since its release and now it is yet again ready to win hearts. Samsung has announced today that the Galaxy Book S will be now equipped with Intel® Hybrid Technology.

The consumers were found to be using many devices to suit their computing issues and hence Samsung took the stage to solve the problem by its introduction of the Intel® Hybrid Technology to Samsung Galaxy Book S.

Woncheol Chai, SVP and Head of Product Planning Team, Mobile Communications Business, Samsung Electronics has voiced his concern saying, ” The way we work has shifted and it’s important we have computing devices that can adapt to this new working style. Users utilize multiple devices throughout their day to accomplish tasks and demand that those devices provide them with enough flexibility to remain on the move and available. With our new computing devices like the Galaxy Book S, we are providing users with an exciting opportunity to be productive, efficient, and connected.”

Galaxy Book S Specifications
Samsung Galaxy Book S Product Specifications

In order to provide a seamless experience to its consumers, Samsung has planned to make Galaxy Book S powered by the new dynamic Intel® Core™ processor with Intel® Hybrid Technology. This laptop is built to serve the necessities of the next generation. Hence it has the earnest need to gain speed and capability of being carried all the time.

Let us now take a look at what else has this Galaxy Book S been providing so far, to which the new dynamic Intel® Core™ processor with Intel® Hybrid Technology will add the magic.

Galaxy Book S has the capability of providing awesome productivity. It is the first device ever to utilize the Intel’s Foveros 3D stacking technology and a hybrid CPU architecture. Undoubtedly this will make the experience of Galaxy Book S more and more efficient. Along with this, the laptop will also provide full Windows 10 compatibility. You need not worry about its battery as Samsung has made sure that Galaxy Book S will perform for longer hours with its 42Wh long-lasting battery.

Talking of storage capacity, Galaxy Book S has 256/512GB eUFS, MicroSD slot which can be extended to up to 1 TB. So you need not worry about either charge or space while operating this amazing laptop.

Connectivity is definitely an issue most users face while using a laptop. We often need to compete for network connectivity with different devices. But not anymore. As Galaxy Book S will feature Wi-Fi 6 (Gig+) 802.11 ax 2×2, LTE (Cat 16), and Bluetooth® v 5.0, it will be a lot less hectic for users and you can easily achieve non-stop connectivity. Also. the LTE will let you access gigabytes of the internet and you don’t need to search for another connection.

Now let’s delve into the design of Galaxy Book S. Weighing less than a kilogram, 950gm to be precise, and measuring 11.8mm at the points where you find it thickest, the mobility of the laptop is well appreciated. With clamshell design and durable metal body, this slim and hunk laptop can be carried away anywhere with perfect knowledge of its durability. The screen of Galaxy Book S is smart enough.

It is touch-sensitive so that you can feel more connected to it while at the same time it remembers the brightness preference. So when you are out and browsing through your cool Galaxy Book S, the screen will adjust to 600 nits of brightness so that your experience is not marred. To add to the efficient and seamless experience, the laptop has been equipped with fanless technology. Hence no noise will disrupt your mood to work.

The Galaxy Book S does not remain restricted with its own set of uses but also allows users to add to the fun of the experience. With the help of Microsoft, device-to-device connectivity has been made available. You can easily share and receive messages, notifications, and copy + paste materials from devices.

As for the color options, you can choose between Earthly Gold and Mercury Grey. So here is a whole lot of new experience waiting for you. What are you waiting for?