Nintendo Switch will release the Blair Witch game in June

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One of the most ingenious horror movies to hit the cinema screen, Blair Witch has captured the imagination of horror fans and cinema lovers. The game version of the movie didn’t lose time in gaining popularity.

The Blair Witch Game was released last year on Xbox One, PC, and also on PlayStation 4. It’s a story-heavy game based on the original Blair Witch Project movie that came out in 1999. The game has gained a reputation for being one of the best horror games of 2019.

Now the fans of Nintendo don’t have to wait much longer to play it on their favorite platform. Nintendo Switch has announced that the game will be released on its platform on June 25. With a reputation of releasing games having a family-friendly tone, this will be a very different offering from Nintendo.

In the newly released trailer, Nintendo Switch clearly mentions that the game is rated “Mature” and is suitable for players over the age of seventeen. The Blair Witch game will feature a lot of blood, Intense Violence, and Strong Language just like the original movie.

The game is set in 1996. A young boy goes missing in the ominous Black Hills Forest. You join the game as police officer Ellis, who has a troubled past and tries to set things right this time. He is accompanied by a smart and intelligent canine friend named Bullet. An ordinary-looking investigation turns into a horrifying nightmarish experience. Your reality starts to warp as a mysterious force of the woods begins to follow you.

Bloober Team, the game developers have mentioned that the Nintendo Switch will be provided with the “Good Boy Pack” update. Using this update the players can personalize the appearance of their canine companion. You can alter its fur attributes, change its eye color, and also the collar.

The developers added that they have also developed animations for Bullet (Ellis’s dog). They have also packed Nintendo Switch with the “Super Rex” mini-game.

It is an exciting time for the Nintendo Switch fans as they get to relive the horrifying Blair Witch experience.

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