KFC Chicken develops its KFConsole: a bizarre invention or a parody?

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KFC, everyone’s favourite fast food joint, just did the most unexpected thing. The company has come up with a new gadget called KFConsole. The officials announced it on Twitter, and it sent everyone into a frenzy.

Sony had just introduced the PlayStation 5, and everyone was talking about it, but now KFC has introduced its own line of gaming console.

Recently, the company has been trying to branch out and likewise introduced the chicken-themed Crocs and the Internet Escape Pod. But that was not the end of the company’s new ventures. This is either some serious out of the box thinking and acting on it, but the suspicion of its truthfulness still lingers in everyone’s minds.

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The KFConsole is chicken-bucket shaped, and if the mere design concept does not make everyone question its authenticity, its specs are in another ballgame altogether. It can supposedly play games in true 4k at 120FPS thanks to its Zinger processor chip which is clocked at 11GHz. However, the most strange and wild spec for this console has to be the fact that the officials are claiming that the console is a “cross-platform compatible”.

The more you pay attention to its details, the more you question its authenticity and seriousness. Some netizens believe that it is a parody and not a real thing. KFC has admitted that all the info regarding this product will be made public later this year on November 12.

The Manager at KFC, Josh Benger has quipped, “At KFC we’ve been continually astounded by the gaming community’s amazing response to everything we’ve done and we had to give back with something truly incredible.

We wanted to give gamers the best gaming experience on the market, with the convenience of a home chicken supply and so the KFConsole was born. We can’t wait to get into our fans’ hands later this year.”

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