OnePlus 5 and 5T users face bugs after Android 10 update

Author at TechGenyz Tech
OnePlus 5 And OnePlus 5T Smartphone

In May 2020, the OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T smartphones received the Android 10 update along with Oxygen OS. Users were ready for a plethora of new features like improved privacy, Spam blocking features, camera improvements, etc. After their launch in 2017, this was the third major Android OS update for these smartphones.

However, soon after their update, users complained of certain bugs that had appeared in their smartphones. Some users even stated that though the update had come out months ago, they still have received it, neither from System Updates in Settings nor from Oxygen Updater. Some users get notified about the update, but when they later tried to install it, the update option was unavailable.

One user complained of a locked app getting closed automatically after the update in his OnePlus 5T smartphone. The user had locked the Gmail app to receive notifications in time. They have noticed, after the update, the app gets closed and once they open it again, it is displayed as a locked app.

Some users wrote that after the update, the default call recorder seemed broken. It had started recording everything in almost 0.5x speed and the voice has become faint and ghostly. This has led to the loss of many important call recordings for the user.

A user has repeatedly complained about their phone automatically deleting photos from their gallery.

Several users have been facing call problems post update – ranging from problems like the other person on call not being able to hear their voice to issues such as the earpiece voice becoming extremely low and feeble.

Certain users have faced battery drainage issues after the update, while some others have seen that the hidden space apps are not being displayed on screen.

A user has also faced issues like the Fingerprint Scanner malfunctioning on their OnePlus 5 after the update. “The scanner”, writes the user, “Does not unlock the phone and also doesn’t sense the fingerprint password. It just shows, ‘Too many attempts, fingerprint disabled’ whenever I try to unlock the phone.”

A user also complained that the Game Mode that was promised in the update is missing.

The update has led to several bugs which has forced the users to reach out for help to the OnePlus community. However, the company has not responded to these issues, as of yet.