Samsung smart TV Users Expressed Their Desire for an Official Twitch App

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Twitch is the world’s biggest game streaming platform, but to this date, the platform has not released any official app yet. In fact, Twitch never had an official app for the Samsung ecosystem since 2015. However, there had been an unofficial Twitch app that was taken down in April 2019.

It goes without saying that the untimely banishment of the app from the Samsung App Store was nothing short of a shock to Samsung smart TV users. In fact, there had been cases in which the whole point of buying a Samsung smart TV was for this app.

Samsung’s customer service representatives responded to its confused customers with a message that read, “the Twitch app has been retired. It is no longer available for Samsung Smart TVs.”

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Samsung Electronics explained why the Twitch TV app was taken down, “On Samsung Smart TVs, developers can create and submit apps using an SDK (Software Development Kit). In the case of the Twitch app, Twitch had previously opened its API to allow third-party developers to create apps, however, this API is no longer available due to policy changes made by Twitch earlier this year.”

The possibility that the Twitch app was harvesting data from its users remains. It could also be perhaps because Amazon pressured Samsung into crushing the third-party app. Whatever the reason be, now Samsung Smart TV users have again come to front demanding answers to their Twitch related questions.

A few of its users want to know when and if the Twitch app will be made available for the Samsung smart TVs. Now as a reaction, on the Twitch forum users have been talking about bringing the app back to Samsung.

Subsequently, a thread was created on the Twitch forum with the following message, “The Samsung TV Twitch application has been removed due to it not being official. Now thousands of people have to go out and buy a Chromecast etc. to watch Twitch on there Samsung TV. Please make an official Twitch app so these thousands of people can watch Twitch without having to buy anything else.”

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