Xiaomi Youpin releases the WalkingPad S1 for home workout

Author at TechGenyz Xiaomi
Mi WalkingPad S1

After the WalkingPad R1 Pro, which was released last year, Chinese brand Xiaomi’s crowdfunding platform Youpin, brings out the latest WalkingPad S1, an upgraded version of the WalkingPad R1.

Staying fit while at home during quarantine is not easy. Lack of mobility and exercise because of leading a sedentary lifestyle for months can make one unfit and out of shape. While home workouts are effective to an extent, one, surely, would miss doing some cardio on a treadmill in the gym. Unfortunately, gyms are closed now, and most of us do not have access to workout equipment.

At this very time, the release of the WalkingPad S1 might seem like a blessing to all fitness enthusiasts. Those who might think this new equipment is similar to your standard treadmill, could not be more wrong. The WalkingPad S1 is much more than an average treadmill, with its lightweight, compact style and premium features.

The WalkingPad S1 is a revolutionary workout treadmill for home exercises, to say the least. Their embedded feet sensory technology allows one to adjust their pace according to their personalized training data. The front of the WalkingPad has an acceleration zone where one can increase the speed. One can also maintain a constant speed and decelerate.

The WalkingPad S1 is 20lbs lighter than the R1 and takes up 45 percent less space. It has a 180 degrees foldable design making it compact and easy to store.

The WalkingPad S1 generates very little noise in comparison to the traditional treadmill which generates a sound of 65 dB. The WalkingPad S1 minimizes the noise pollution to an average of 45.0dB.

In order to avoid injuries, the WalkingPad has a pre-set speed limit. Once no movement is detected, it will automatically stop. It has less friction coefficient due to the anti-slip mat made out of EVA material.

Due to the Feet Sensory Speed Control Technology, it can be controlled by walking. The WalkingPad S1 can also be managed by using the remote control or the KS Fit App, which allows one to personalize one’s training plan, manage workout data and share one’s progress.

The WalkingPad S1 comes at a crowdfunding price of $469 but the price comes down to $599 if one orders it with the detachable handlebar.