IGN steals YouTuber’s DeepFake video without crediting them

Author at TechGenyz Gaming
IGN Deepfake Image
Image Credit: @BabyZoneYT/Twitter

Yesterday, IGN Brasil was caught stealing Brazilian YouTuber BabyZone’s Mortal Kombat 11 DeepFake videos. The gaming company had cropped the YouTuber’s video to partially cover the watermark and had added their own watermark, re-uploading the videos as their own on Facebook without crediting the original creator.

BabyZone is a YouTube channel that provides videos, game mods, animations, guides, Easter eggs, tips and tricks and playthrough of different video games. The YouTuber creates Story-telling videos from different games like Resident Evil, The Walking Dead, Mortal Kombat etc. On July 7, BabyZone (@BabyZoneYT on Twitter), accused IGN Brasil of uploading their DeepFake videos to the IGN Facebook page without authorizing. In the same tweet, BabyZone claimed to have spent over three week making each DeepFake.

IGN Brazil replied to BabyZone’s tweet with an apology claiming to have deleted the videos from their Facebook page and promising to credit individual creators while sharing their videos in the future.

BabyZone, however, was not satisfied with the apology. They demanded an official signed letter from the IGN headquarters stating that the company would not upload any of their videos to any platform, in the future.In the same thread, they also claimed that a huge amount of their time had been wasted searching the IGN page and then, they had to spend several hours on social media trying to get the company’s attention.

Twitter users showed their support for the YouTuber and demanded that IGN pays the original creator the revenue earned from the videos as reparations.One user wanted IGN Brasil to name the person responsible for the intentional content theft and to detail what disciplinary action has been taken against them.Apparently, this is not the first time IGN Brazil has stolen content from creators. In 2017, Psyclown, (@hamboblack on Twitter), alleged that the company had copied the script from one of their videos.BabyZone has filed a DMCA but Facebook has refused to take any action.