LG Electronics announced today its brand new soundbar which could be seamlessly integrated with LG’s very own premium TVs.

The company claims that it’s LG GX soundbar will deliver an immersive and exceptional home entertainment experience to its users, and its top-tier features will bring out the best of its GX Gallery OLED series TVs.

The soundbar could be mounted either on the wall directly under the TV or could stand up using the steel stand provided by the company. The measurement of the soundbar (15H x 144.6W x 3.25D cm) complements the measurement of the 65-inch LG GX Gallery series TVs perfectly.

As for its features, the LG GX soundbar comes equipped with Dolby Atmos and DTX:S with the Dolby Vision speakers. This paired with the display quality of the TVs itself would create quite an unforgettable experience for its users.

The subwoofer could be connected to the sandbar wirelessly. User’s convenience is always at the core of LG’s motto, and this has flowed into the concept of the new soundbars.

The LG GX soundbar comes with eARC and Bluetooth making connectivity easier than before. The eARC paired with its higher bandwidth will bring out the full richness of Dolby True HD and DTS Master Audio. The LG GX soundbar provides lossless playback at 24bit/96kHz with greater vibrancy and nuance.

While playing high-res natural sound, the soundbar does its job perfectly and produces detailed sound; additionally, the built-in LG AI Sound Pro attaches the best sound settings to the sound irrespective of the content taking the user experience up a notch by delivering the best of sound.

The LG GX soundbar will be rolled out first in Europe, North America, Asia starting in July. Apparently, the company is also targeting major markets for this rollout. The price and availability will be announced shortly based on regions.