Live Updates: COVID-19 Cases
  • World 21,224,499
    Confirmed: 21,224,499
    Active: 6,429,561
    Recovered: 14,034,746
    Death: 760,192
  • USA 5,440,779
    Confirmed: 5,440,779
    Active: 2,418,708
    Recovered: 2,851,130
    Death: 170,941
  • Brazil 3,238,216
    Confirmed: 3,238,216
    Active: 775,785
    Recovered: 2,356,640
    Death: 105,791
  • India 2,525,144
    Confirmed: 2,525,144
    Active: 670,764
    Recovered: 1,805,246
    Death: 49,134
  • Russia 912,823
    Confirmed: 912,823
    Active: 174,361
    Recovered: 722,964
    Death: 15,498
  • South Africa 572,865
    South Africa
    Confirmed: 572,865
    Active: 123,978
    Recovered: 437,617
    Death: 11,270
  • Peru 507,996
    Confirmed: 507,996
    Active: 134,342
    Recovered: 348,006
    Death: 25,648
  • Mexico 505,751
    Confirmed: 505,751
    Active: 108,951
    Recovered: 341,507
    Death: 55,293
  • Chile 382,111
    Confirmed: 382,111
    Active: 16,734
    Recovered: 355,037
    Death: 10,340
  • Spain 358,843
    Confirmed: 358,843
    Active: 330,226
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 28,617
  • Iran 338,825
    Confirmed: 338,825
    Active: 25,683
    Recovered: 293,811
    Death: 19,331
  • UK 313,798
    Confirmed: 313,798
    Active: 272,440
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 41,358
  • Saudi Arabia 295,902
    Saudi Arabia
    Confirmed: 295,902
    Active: 29,605
    Recovered: 262,959
    Death: 3,338
  • Pakistan 287,300
    Confirmed: 287,300
    Active: 15,932
    Recovered: 265,215
    Death: 6,153
  • Bangladesh 271,881
    Confirmed: 271,881
    Active: 111,667
    Recovered: 156,623
    Death: 3,591
  • Italy 252,809
    Confirmed: 252,809
    Active: 14,249
    Recovered: 203,326
    Death: 35,234
  • Turkey 246,861
    Confirmed: 246,861
    Active: 11,947
    Recovered: 228,980
    Death: 5,934
  • Germany 222,880
    Confirmed: 222,880
    Active: 12,795
    Recovered: 200,800
    Death: 9,285
  • France 212,211
    Confirmed: 212,211
    Active: 98,333
    Recovered: 83,472
    Death: 30,406
  • Canada 121,414
    Confirmed: 121,414
    Active: 4,602
    Recovered: 107,793
    Death: 9,019
  • China 84,786
    Confirmed: 84,786
    Active: 690
    Recovered: 79,462
    Death: 4,634
  • Netherlands 61,840
    Confirmed: 61,840
    Active: 55,673
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 6,167
  • Australia 22,743
    Confirmed: 22,743
    Active: 9,018
    Recovered: 13,350
    Death: 375
  • S. Korea 14,873
    S. Korea
    Confirmed: 14,873
    Active: 705
    Recovered: 13,863
    Death: 305
  • New Zealand 1,602
    New Zealand
    Confirmed: 1,602
    Active: 49
    Recovered: 1,531
    Death: 22

Traqade By Gympik, Introduces Virtual Training to Corona-Proof The Indian Fitness Industry

Author at TechGenyz Health

Gympik becomes India’s first fitness technology company to integrate virtual training in its club management software for the post COVID world.

July 8, 2020: The COVID- 19 pandemics has forced a global lockdown, and most businesses have been shut for the last couple of months.

As India is planning on a phased exit, the pause in the fitness industry is likely to last longer. The industry is in limbo and is staring at losses. During times like these, India’s leading fitness technology platform – Gympik has integrated virtual training into its flagship product – Traqade, to enable Indian fitness businesses to welcome their members to the virtual world & take their personal training business online.

Speaking on the launch of this rather necessary and revolutionary update, Amaresh Ojha, Founder & CEO, said, Despite the recent setbacks, we are committed to ensuring that the Indian fitness community continues to flourish with tech-enabled solutions.

While the larger players have already leveraged this to adapt themselves for the new normal, the situation remains worrisome for medium & smaller gyms due to the lack of the digital infrastructure.

Traqade.LIVE puts such fitness businesses on the road to recovery by seamlessly helping them start operating with two revenue streams (offline & online) easily. It also allows them to focus on increasing the member lifetime value (LTV) to keep their business moving. Our technology equips businesses of any scale to handle their members’ fitness needs in the post COVID world.”.

Independent platforms like Zoom or YouTube are quick fixes, but they are not workable solutions to help the industry recover from the business impact post-COVID-19. Gympik aims to provide the industry with a first-of-a-kind platform to build a scalable model to survive in the changing landscape.

The live-streaming feature integrates seamlessly with Traqade & the entire virtual experience is managed & executed from one platform. This integration allows centre owners to coherently shift to the hybrid business model by offering complimentary on-premise and virtual memberships to acquire & retain members.

As a relief package for the entire fitness industry, Traqade’s live-streaming feature is experiencing rapid adoption across various cities. It has made managing my online classes very convenient.

The software saves a lot of effort in tracking down trainers, class schedules, payments, and sending notifications to members about the classes individually. There is no 3rd party app needed, I can now manage online training business from the same software I was using earlier. said Roshan Usakoyal, owner of One More Rep Unisex Hardcore Gym, Pune.

Connected fitness is the future & post corona economy will only reward businesses built on hybrid membership models. Adopting technology is the only way to make it a success. By driving the digital transformation of the industry, Gympik has proved itself yet again to emerge as the nation’s one-stop solution to fitness needs.

About Gympik:

Gympik was incepted in 2013 by Mr. Amaresh Ojha with the purpose to make fitness and wellness accessible across the country. With more than 5,00,000 monthly visitors, 14000+ fitness & wellness centers & 7000+ personal trainers & nutritionists listed with it in 40 cities, Gympik stands strong as India’s leading & largest fitness discovery & booking platform.

Taking a step ahead, the brand has taken the SaaS route by building fitness industry’s smartest & easy to use gym management software – Traqade, that is deeply integrated with its B2C offering to fill the existing gap between what technology fitness centers need and what is available in the market.

The brand has reinvented the model by getting the entire ecosystem integrated on one platform seekers, providers, merchandisers to co-create value for its affiliates by facilitating direct interactions between fitness providers & seekers across the nation.