Uplay is a Ubisoft digital rights management, digital distribution, multiplayer, and communication service. Users can get the access to Uplay network either in-game or via the Uplay website. Besides it, players can also connect to the other players and earn rewards based on actions in Uplay-enabled games.

However, the service has connection issues for a long time. And it seems like Ubisoft has made no improvements to solve the issue. Ubisoft Support has been receiving a lot of complaints regarding the connection lost error in the game.

Users are also expressing their anger over Twitter and other platforms. Players are constantly complaining about the connectivity issues though they log out and log in several times. A Twitter user @_jjh pointed out how he is constantly losing is mmr due to connection issues. Siege is also unplayable due to this error.

Several users also complained that this server connectivity error shows up even though they have access to proper internet connection. A Reddit user also posted about the issue as he is not able to play the siege on his PC.

People are asking for solutions and fixtures of the server connection problems. Even though they are getting tons of complaints and requests, the developer Ubisoft has still not taken proper measures to address the issue.