Live Updates: COVID-19 Cases
  • World 18,752,874
    Confirmed: 18,752,874
    Active: 6,085,788
    Recovered: 11,961,749
    Death: 705,337
  • USA 4,919,297
    Confirmed: 4,919,297
    Active: 2,276,053
    Recovered: 2,482,909
    Death: 160,335
  • Brazil 2,808,076
    Confirmed: 2,808,076
    Active: 741,213
    Recovered: 1,970,767
    Death: 96,096
  • India 1,918,440
    Confirmed: 1,918,440
    Active: 588,876
    Recovered: 1,289,632
    Death: 39,932
  • Russia 866,627
    Confirmed: 866,627
    Active: 183,111
    Recovered: 669,026
    Death: 14,490
  • South Africa 521,318
    South Africa
    Confirmed: 521,318
    Active: 148,683
    Recovered: 363,751
    Death: 8,884
  • Mexico 449,961
    Confirmed: 449,961
    Active: 100,838
    Recovered: 300,254
    Death: 48,869
  • Peru 439,890
    Confirmed: 439,890
    Active: 117,426
    Recovered: 302,457
    Death: 20,007
  • Chile 362,962
    Confirmed: 362,962
    Active: 16,887
    Recovered: 336,330
    Death: 9,745
  • Spain 349,894
    Confirmed: 349,894
    Active: 321,396
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 28,498
  • Iran 317,483
    Confirmed: 317,483
    Active: 24,749
    Recovered: 274,932
    Death: 17,802
  • UK 306,293
    Confirmed: 306,293
    Active: 259,994
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 46,299
  • Saudi Arabia 282,824
    Saudi Arabia
    Confirmed: 282,824
    Active: 34,490
    Recovered: 245,314
    Death: 3,020
  • Pakistan 281,136
    Confirmed: 281,136
    Active: 20,836
    Recovered: 254,286
    Death: 6,014
  • Italy 248,419
    Confirmed: 248,419
    Active: 12,482
    Recovered: 200,766
    Death: 35,171
  • Bangladesh 246,674
    Confirmed: 246,674
    Active: 101,657
    Recovered: 141,750
    Death: 3,267
  • Turkey 234,934
    Confirmed: 234,934
    Active: 10,678
    Recovered: 218,491
    Death: 5,765
  • Germany 213,265
    Confirmed: 213,265
    Active: 9,325
    Recovered: 194,700
    Death: 9,240
  • France 192,334
    Confirmed: 192,334
    Active: 79,872
    Recovered: 82,166
    Death: 30,296
  • Canada 117,792
    Confirmed: 117,792
    Active: 6,384
    Recovered: 102,450
    Death: 8,958
  • China 84,491
    Confirmed: 84,491
    Active: 810
    Recovered: 79,047
    Death: 4,634
  • Netherlands 56,381
    Confirmed: 56,381
    Active: 50,228
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 6,153
  • Australia 19,444
    Confirmed: 19,444
    Active: 8,398
    Recovered: 10,799
    Death: 247
  • S. Korea 14,456
    S. Korea
    Confirmed: 14,456
    Active: 748
    Recovered: 13,406
    Death: 302
  • New Zealand 1,569
    New Zealand
    Confirmed: 1,569
    Active: 24
    Recovered: 1,523
    Death: 22

COVID-19: A pocket-size device to remind people of social distancing

Author at TechGenyz India
Physical Distancing
The Photograph Represents Social Distancing Between People. Credit: Alexandra_Koch | Pixabay

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, a Southern Railway Signal and Telecommunication engineer has developed a device to remind people to maintain at least a three-meter distance from each other.

The device can fit into a pocket or a small purse. It can be attached with ID cards and can also be used along with a wristwatch. It weighs around 30 grams and uses radio frequency to detect the presence of human beings if they are wearing the same device.

“It is designed with special consideration to the safety of on-duty railway employees,” said R Dinesh IRSSE, Senior Divisional Signal and Telecommunication Engineer, Southern Railway, Trivandrum Division, who coordinated the development of the device by his Junior Engineer, R Nidheej.

“If two or more people wearing Social Distancing Ensuring Device happen to come within a distance of 2-3 meters, it would warn them with an alarm sound. It would continue to produce the alarm sound until they keep a range above 3 meters between them. Thus, the device will help us in ensuring social distancing,” he explained.

While social distancing norms are one of the most essential methods to control the pandemic, it is often forgotten in daily life, the official said, emphasising on the need for such a device.

The device can be recharged with the help of a charger. Once it is charged, it will be active for more than twelve hours.

“We have developed a prototype and it has been tested successfully. We are also ready to transfer the technology to other zonal railways or railways workshops for making it on a large scale,” Dinesh said.

The device is the latest innovation from Nidheej, who has also developed a robot, RailMitra, which has the ability to distribute essentials like medicines, food and water to COVID-19 patients and will collect used plates, bottles, masks, from them to avoid spread of the disease among caregivers.

RailMitra can also be used for disinfecting floors with the help of UV lights and by using its targeted spraying system. It is also provided with an IP camera through which communication can be established remotely with a patient. The technology has been transferred to S&T Workshop at Podanur and they are making it for Railway Hospitals.

Nidheej also developed a sanitiser dispenser which uses ultrasound sensors and microcontrollers to dispense sanitiser automatically for 0.75 second when someone places his or her hands under it.

This sanitizer dispensing device can be recharged with the help of a mobile phone charger. Once it is charged, it will be active for more than one week.

Also Signal & Telecommunication Department of Trivandrum Division has developed a contactless body temperature measurement device that can be used for measuring body temperature without making any physical contact.