NASA Remembers STS-135 Mission: Plans to Send the First Woman to Moon in 2024

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Almost nine years back America was basking in the glory of witnessing the historic landing of Atlantis on July 21 for the final time at 5 a.m. in the morning near NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. Set out on July 8, Atlantis had been the final flight for Space Shuttle Programme, on the STS-135 mission. The mission was headed by commander Christopher Ferguson, pilot Douglas Hurley along with specialists Sandra Magnus, and Rex Walheim.

STS-135, the 33rd flight was set off to carry the Raffaelo multipurpose logistics module, aiming to supply logistics, spare parts to the International Space station. The purpose was also to investigate the refueling of existing spacecraft and bring for improvisation in the upcoming systems.

In remembrance of the last mission, NASA made a post on their official website. It has already started preparing for the upcoming mission that is to take place in 2024 in order to expedite the Moon. Artemis will see the first woman on the moon and next man on the Moon by 2024.

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As per the space agency, it will use innovative technologies to explore more of the lunar surface than ever before. The primary objective of the mission is to explore the moon’s surface and create sustainable missions to the Earth’s satellite by 2028.

The Artemis lunar exploration program will focus on a strategic expansion of America’s global economic impact and progressing as a leader by advancing better demonstrations and business approaches. It will conduct two missions headed by Artemis I and Artemis II.

As the name suggests, Artemis, from the Greek goddess of Moon will not merely set out for an expedition to the moon but will be observing life at other celestial bodies for a future mission to Mars.

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