UPDATE: AIR PIX Aerial Camera, users complain of not getting the device

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AIR PIX Aerial Camera
AIR PIX Aerial Camera | Image: AIR Selfie

It is 2020 and selfie sticks are a thing of the past. The novel way to take a selfie while staying immersed at the moment is possible because of AIR PIX, a compact aerial camera, which is as light as a golf ball.

In January, 2020, AirSelfie showcased the AIR PIX and AIR DUO at CES 2020.

Supported by photography enthusiasts on Indiegogo, the AIR PIX Aerial Camera captures high definition videos and photos with its 12 MP high-resolution camera, 70° FOV wide-angle lens that also takes full HD 1080p videos at 30fps.

As it works like a drone, it has four chassis integrated propellers for safe hand landing and indoor flying. It has four flight modes and can also be controlled by hand gestures and movements.

The “One Touch” app can be used with the AIR PIX for Auto-fly autonomous flights. The in-app image editor, enables users to customize, edit, and share photos and videos on social media.

Available for both Android and iOS, it comes with a carrying case, built-in 8GB MicroSD Card, four replacement propellers, and a USB-C cable. It has a short battery life of six minutes and, therefore, has to be charged quite often, in between flights.

Priced at US$ 119.95, it has had amazing reviews from users around the world.

Update: After we published this story a couple of users took Twitter to share their unhappiness with the company got not getting the device yet.

Our team contacted the company to get the updates about the product and when it will get shipped. Here is what they said.

Thank you for your message. We are sorry that negative comments have caused you to take down a lovely review. Unfortunately, as it happens with startups, we have experienced unexpected delays and issues (including a world pandemic directly affecting our manufacturing country before it affected the US) that we have been handling one at a time. We have just posted an update https://indiegogo.com/projects/your-pocket-sized-aerial-photographer-air-pix#/updates/all… to keep our backers informed. We are still shipping orders as fast as we can. Of course, we understand customer frustration and we are doing our best to help in every way we can. Thank you! – Airselfie

Airselfie Reply

The company has raised additional funds that will be used for additional PIX production and to finalize two additional product on their development roadmap.

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In the announcement, it also mentioned that the company has started building and shipping more products to its backers.

Note: This story is updated based on the comments, feedback from the users and the company.