Apple’s very own Safari browser is crowned with the honor of being the world’s fastest browser, and the California-based company offers build-in Safari browsers for its various products.

However, many users are still used to using Google Chrome as their default browser and prefer to have this browser installed in their Apple devices. One hindrance would be the power consumption problems faced by the macOS system users.

The Wall Street Journal reported that given the problem, Google will solve the battery life problem which has been there for ages, especially keeping in mind the Mac devices.

Google Chrome Battery

To tackle the overpower consumption problem, the developers at Google have looked at various different solutions, and they are trying to work their way from there.

Google Chrome will improve the “tab throttling” to better prioritize active tabs thereby it will limit resource consumption for tabs that are open in the background.

The developers at Google are hoping that it will revolutionalize power consumption, and thereby resolve the Google Chrome battery issue in macOS and improve performance. Ideally, this should also fix the power consumption problem on Mac devices.

According to reports, Google has conducted early tests specifically on Mac laptops.

This is an investment that continues to improve speed, performance, and battery life. – Max Christoff, director of Chrome browser engineering

Chrome browser had faced backlash and criticism for a number of issues, ranging from poor memory usage to serious problems such as privacy issues. The battery drain problem has been the most persistent one.

The solution to improve Chrome’s battery consumption started in May and it started by blocking resource-intensive ads. Google Chrome will also limit the resources available to ads before users interact with them. Additionally, Google will also optimize its software through updates to fix a few issues and importantly to make the most critical parts of the software run faster.

Google is currently working on this update and is likely to release it at the end of August.