LG’s Audio through PC Display Technology could be adopted by Apple in the future

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LG has already patented its latest Audio Through PC Display technology as per theU.S. Patent and Trademark Office report. This new technology includes a display apparatus that provides improved sound quality and increases “an immersion experience of a viewer.”

LG Patent
LG Patent | Image: Patently Apple

According to the report by Patently Apple, the display apparatus generates a sound that travels to a forward region in front of a display panel. This can output sounds S1, S2, and S3, based on a vibration of a display module #100 configured to display an image. Apparently, all these sounds could be output by the display module, which acts according to vibration or sound generating device.

There is a first vibration generating module in a first rear region of the rear cover, and a second vibration generating module in a second rear region of the rear cover in the device module.

The sounds S1 and S2 could be generated based on the vibration of the display module may be directly output to a forward screen region FD in front of the display apparatus. Whereas sound S3 may be output to a side surface of the display apparatus and may travel to the forward screen region FD.

All of these results in the delivery of an accurate sound while improving sound quality and increasing an immersion experience of a viewer. LG has been working on Technology for quite some time and recently got the patent for it.

However, this Audio, through display technology is nothing new. Apple already patented its first technology that showed audio being delivered through a display back in 2015. It also got its second and third patents in 2017 and 2018, respectively.

But Apple hasn’t yet used its audio through display technology in any of its devices. Now that LG has got its own version of the technology patented and has already been working to infuse it into their other innovations, it would be interesting to see Apple’s next moves.

Speculations have it that Apple could soon introduce their audio through display technology to its redesigned iMac. Could it be an improved version of the technology? Will it be able to take over the future sound technology? Or will it be adapting LG’s patented audio through pc display technology for its devices? Well, it’s all in the rumors. Apple is yet to speak up on this. We need to wait till then and hope for the best.

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