How to post on TechGenyz: A step-by-step guide

Welcome to TechGenyz! TechGenyz is one of the leading tech media companies for the millennial generations. We are accepting contributors who want to share their expertise among the thousands of readers across the world.

Before posting, please make sure to read our editorial guidelines. Now here’s a simple guide on how to post on the TechGenyz Contributor Platform.

Register for an account

You can register for the TechGenyz Contributor account if you don’t have one. CREATE HERE.

Step 1

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You have to register on our platform by giving your email ID and password and click on the SIGN-UP button.

tg signup page

Once you click on the Sign Up, you will receive a system-generated six-digit verification code to your email address.

tg confirm mail

Note: By signing up, you are agreeing to accept our Contributor Guidelines, Terms of Use, and Privacy Policy. Please read our Contributor GuidelinesTerms of Use, and Privacy Policy before you create your account on our platform.

Step 2

After you verify your account you have to share some more details in order to complete your profile. In the next step, you can update your profile by proving the details like First Name, Last Name, Your Author Bio, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Profile Image. Here also you have to choose a username that will be used for logging into your account later. These details help us to create your author profile on our website and it will show in your author bio.

tg personal detail

Note: The username should be in small letters with at least six characters in it. Please upload your own picture to the profile. Please do not use a stock photo, company logo, or vector image and identical to your social media profile – this could lead to rejection of your profile.

Step 3

We ask hew more details to understand that you have a writing spark that can engage our readers’ community, and you believe you can bring a fresh perspective with original and informative content for an audience. Please share the details like your current company, the field you are working in, your job title, the topic you want to write, and if you have any previous writing experience.

tg other detail

Note: Please share at least two article links if you have previously written articles on other websites.

That’s all! Please wait for 2-5 working days to review your account and once it is approved you will receive a confirmation email from us.

TG Success Page

How to Publish Articles

Once you get a confirmation email after your account verification with the details like your username and password along with the detailed guides.

Just visit to log into your account. Once you’ve logged in with your username and password, you can start creating a story.

Add new post

First, click on the Add New Post tab on the top left side of the main dashboard. This will open a content dialog box where you can start writing your content.

tg add new post

Add title to your story

We have made our author dashboard very simple and easy-to-use. Here you have to give a title for your story, and then write your article. To write a title, click within the “add title” field, then write your story in the “start writing” field below it.

tg title and discr

Format your story

In the content area, you can add content style, subheadline (h2, h3), quotes, internal link, and more. Please go to the style box on top to add formatting as per your requirements.

tg tool

Upload internal image

You might need to add images, graphics, stats, etc. inside your content. To do so, please click on the image icon on the style box, here you will see Upload Image pop-up box. Just click on the pop-up to insert images to your story.

Assign a category

Assigning category is an important part of your stories to show the content in the right section on the home page. Our categories are already added to the system – you can search the categories search bar and assign the most relevant category to your story.

Note: You can assign only one category. So, please assign at least one category to save your content.

tg category

The featured image is the main image that will appear at the top of your article. Please make sure that you are only using the image that you are authorized to use or you must have permission from the photo copyright holder to use a photo.

Click on the Featured Image tab to add an image to your article. Please note that the image should be high-quality, with an aspect ratio of 16:9 and dimension should be 1200 x 765 pixel or more.

Note: If the image does not meet our guidelines we will use our own image.

tg feature

Add SEO meta

Once you are done with your story, you can go down to add meta description within 154 characters.

tg meta

Save your article

Congratulations! You’ve finally written a content piece for TechGenyz. Before you submit us for review, please save your work by clicking the Draft button.

tg save

Submit for review

Once you are done with saving content hit the blue “Submit” button in the upper right corner of your screen.

tg submit

Checking your article status

You are done! You have successfully submitted your article. Your Post Status will show “Pending“. Now a TechGenyz Editor will take over from there.

pending state

Once it is reviewed and published you can see it on your main dashboard under the Published section.

published post

We encourage you to check your account on a regular basis to see the status of your content. We don’t take more than one week for the review process. Once your content is successfully published, you will receive an email from our side.

For any additional information please write us at

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