Apple is about to bring a new pencil that has light sensors to detect and extract the color samples from real, external objects for use. Last year a patent was being prepared entitled computer system with color sampling stylus, which was published yesterday talking on coupling devices such as tablets with a stylus having color sensors.

The color sensors might be using photodetectors, each of which would measure light for a different respective color channel. A control circuitry used in the stylus pencil, with the help of these photodetectors measure light, reflected from the illuminated object to determine the color of the external object.

The color may be used to control the color of objects being drawn with a drawing program on the second electronic device or may otherwise be used in the system as mentioned by the U.S. patent.

The stylus shall have a sharp tip to supply electromagnetic signals to the second electronic device’s touch-sensitive display. Further, with the help of a light guide, the color sensor might be located at the other end of the tip. Input devices such as proximity sensors, orientation sensors, and buttons may be used in determining when a color measurement is to be made using the color sensor.

The input devices may include a switch that is triggered when the shaft is pressed against an external object, a proximity sensor that detects when the color sensor is adjacent to the external objects, and an orientation sensor that determines when the stylus has been placed in a given orientation to take a color measurement (e.g., an upside-down orientation). If desired, other triggering inputs may be used in determining when to gather color measurements with the color sensor- U.S. Patent

Apple too might be introducing a similar stylus pencil detecting light in different color channels from various light-emitting devices and send the data to the iPad devices. Thus for these color sampling stylus to replicate colors from external objects two things are must:

  1. Replicating colors from a light-emitting device.
  2. Using two devices where the first device, the stylus would extract the color sample and send it across the second device.

This new technology can help artists and illustrators to make assumed to be focusing only on color sampling. Though Apple users can’t wait to get hold of this futuristic pencil, Apple Patent has not released an official date for launching this device and we can surely assume that it might take longer than usual for the product to come out in stores.

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