Apple to introduce touch-integrated OLEDs for the upcoming iPhone 12 series

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Apple will introduce a new set of iPhones sometime later this year or early in 2021, and according to sources, the California-based company is planning on bringing integrated OLED displays on all the iPhones to be launched. Of late, the smartphone industry has seen a spike in the use of integrated OLED panels for display screens; the smartphone display screens take the front seat in this OLED industry. It is not surprising therefore that Apple will introduce these too in their iPhones.

ETNews has reported that Apple has placed an order for touch integrated OLED displays for the 2021 iPhone series. Almost all the iPhones that are launched next year will sport the touch integrated OLED displays. A touch integrated OLED display is another variety of and it derives from the OLED display.

The traditional OLEDs feature a touch sensor film on the panel of the smartphone/screen, whereas the integrated OLEDs have the touch sensor built into the panel itself. Since the panel itself houses the touch sensor, it does not require the smartphone to build or install a separate layer, making the new displays thinner than the smartphones featuring the traditional OLEDs.

This technique also appears to be cost-effective. So, as for the existing iPhones, Apple uses the traditional OLEDs that have the touch film attached to them. However, the next-generation iPhone 12 series will see the new integrated OLEDs.

The sources further informed that the iPhone 12 series will come with display screens of different sizes including 5.4-inch, 6.2-inch, and 6.7-inch. Apple is sourcing the new integrated OLEDs from another smartphone giant, Samsung.

The pricing and other details, not only of the new integrated OLEDs but also of the new iPhone 12 series are yet to be announced later this year. But one thing could surely be said about Samsung is that now that a major global brand has become its customer, Samsung’s not only popular but also the pricing for the integrated OLEDs will skyrocket.

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