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Tips you should follow when using Facebook Ads for your business

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Are you excited about using Facebook Adsto further the growth of your business?

You should be! 

Facebook offers a promising opportunity for all companies, regardless of their size. Hence, from small businesses to major enterprises – everyone can leverage Facebook ads to grow their business. However, if you have been around long enough, you may have noticed that the competition has intensified in the past few years.

Getting your ad on Facebook and eliciting the desired response is no longer as simple as getting an ad maker, creating an ad, and publishing it. You need to put in a good amount of thought and value to your Facebook ads to make them stand out.

We have compiled some of the best, actionable, and industry-approved tips for maximizing your Facebook ad strategy! Let’s check these out: 

Engage your audiences with Facebook instant experiences Ads 

Facebook Instant Experiences Ads combine the best of videos, images, copywriting, and call-to-action (CTA) buttons. Unfortunately, for this very reason, creating a Facebook Instant Experiences ad (formerly known as Facebook Canvas Ads) gets a bad rep. Businesses may find it overwhelming and time-consuming to strike the perfect balance of all the interactive elements and bind them all together!

However, the time and effort invested in Canvas Ads will pay off handsomely. With a full-page ad (that you can create with any intro/outro maker), you can direct users to your website or storefront, build brand image, or share your product catalog! Brands like Audi Canada, Ralph Lauren UK, and Pronet Security Services are thriving as success stories through this technique. 

Display your products on the Facebook Carousel Ads 

If you wish to go for something more classic and traditional, then you can opt for Facebook Carousel ads. Facebook Carousel ads are available for mobile and desktop users. These ads are customized for displaying a catalog (or several parts or features of a single product) in a single, swipeable format. 

Businesses can choose to display as many as ten images or videos with ten unique CTAs in a single ad. You can link each panel of the carousel ad to your homepage or the corresponding product page. 

Facebook engagement Ads for a wider reach 

Facebook is notoriously known for limiting a business’ organic reach. Even if you enjoy a decent amount of likes and engagement on your business page, you may be unable to reach all your followers, let alone new prospects! 

Fortunately, you can overcome both the issues by publishing an engagement ad. To achieve your goals, you must first choose your marketing objective as “Engagement” before posting the ad. Now, your ad will be displayed to all the users who are already liking, sharing, commenting, or interacting on your posts. As the engagements increase, your ad will gain a deeper reach and gain visibility to a wider audience. 

Pair your engagement ad with targeted marketing for higher engagement and better results. For instance, if you are a skincare brand that offers products to get rid of wrinkles, you must target the female users near about 30 to 50 years of age for best responses. 

Target attention-deficit audiences with Facebook GIFs Ads 

As your audience’s attention span continues to shorten, businesses are under immense stress to make every second of their ad count. Shorter, easier to understand ads will gain a better response than long-trailing ones. But how can you stay creative, relevant, attractive, and convey more in less? 

For this purpose, you have GIFs! 

Graphics Interchange Format, or GIFs, combine the best of still images and videos. Essentially, they are ultra-short videos that keep playing on loop. Most importantly, they are quicker and cheaper to create. Plus, it allows you room to convert your existing video content into bite-sized GIFs, which is a great way to repurpose your content! 

Advertise through videos 

Given the diverse ways through which you can advertise your brand, one may believe that the world of Facebook advertising through videos has come to a standstill. However, videos are still very relevant for Facebook advertising. 

One of the primary reasons why videos will never go out of trend is because it leverages the power of storytelling to develop a personal connection with the viewer. Hence, brands can develop their message and deliver it more impactfully through engaging videos.

The stiff competition in the Facebook video advertising sphere has unlocked the true potential of creatively advertising through videos. Explore the many ways in which you can use videos to advertise your products, create awareness, and generate leads. 

Capture data through Facebook analytics 

Nobody in their right senses would ever contest the merit and power of data. 

Data is driving the growth of organizations. If you haven’t yet hopped aboard the Data train, then you are already missing out on a lot! Fortunately, Facebook comes with a powerful Facebook Analytics tool that allows you to monitor all customer engagements and interactions.

Use it to gather insightful data on your advertising efforts and analyze various metrics to refine your strategy. Further, try to keep the relevance of the ad high while maintaining the frequency as low as it will contribute to higher conversion rates.

Retarget your customers 

Ad campaigns that retarget existing customers have a greater chance of converting and lower CPC. Regardless of the Facebook ad campaign that you use, targeting customers who are already familiar with your brand will be keener on purchasing from you again. 

Use Facebook’s retargeting capabilities to reach out to people who are already present in your database (mailing list, subscription list, blog follower lists, etc.) as well as those who have interacted with your business in some way or another. Define these as your custom target audience to launch successful ad campaigns! 

Final thoughts 

You can advertise your brand through Facebook ads to achieve a wide range of sales and marketing goals. The above tips can help you extract the most from every ad in all possible ways. Additionally, a perfectly executed ad campaign will boost your ROI, cut down advertising costs, and boost conversion rates!  

So, what are you waiting for, go ahead, and advertise your business on Facebook?