Today Apple got to publish a patent via the United States Patent and Trademark Office entitled, Method For Representing Virtual Information In A Real Environment. Based on an ergonomic representation of virtual information in a real environment, the patent comes with Calculation Display POIs and includes a number of diagrams and figures, along with their brief descriptions and as well as a detailed research abstract and summary.

United States Patent and Trademark office

Focusing the patent on Augmented Reality (AR), it speaks on the merging of technology overlaid on reality facilitates reality-based data.

Earlier used in mobile devices, bringing forth high performances AR is now being implemented in other categories of devices as well as optical pairs these days.

Despite the GPS and system sensor utilisation in these modern device implemented by AR, the patent mentions no recent innovation to enhance the user-friendliness of it. With the proliferation of the Augmented Reality over a larger domain, the patent tries to signify three major features that need to look after:

  1. Uncomplicated, rapid use and direct access to relevant information
  2. The accuracy of associating virtual information with reality is important.

The user interface should be clean and tidy.

The objective of this patent is to enable an innovative system to restrain the user’s field of view as well as restricting unnecessary information to flood the user feed. The patent mentions the following on its method:

  • providing at least one view of a real environment and of system set up for blending in or overlaying virtual information for superimposing with the real environment in at least part of the view,
  • The system setup comprising at least one display device, determining a position and orientation of at least one part of the system setup relative to at least one component of the real environment,
  • subdividing at least part of the view of the real environment into a plurality of regions comprising a first region and a second region, with objects of the real environment within the first region being placed closer to the system setup than objects of the real environment within the second region,
  • Blending in or overlaying at least one item of virtual information on the display device in at least part of the view of the real environment, considering the position and orientation of said at least one part of the system setup, wherein the virtual information is shown differently in the first region than in the second region with respect to the type of blending in or overlay in the view of the real environment.”

With the 59 AR-related patent released today on behalf of Apple, this long complex scientific paper if simply put looks forward to an invention for covering glint-assisted gaze tracking to provide high visual accuracy and clarity. It further mentions the possibility of incorporating AR in the head-mounted display or HMD is an endeavor of Apple taking augmented reality to the next step.

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