Tips to Start Working Remotely From South Africa

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Working from home is a common choice nowadays as so many things are done online. This year, COVID-19 has highlighted the drawbacks of conventional employment. Around the world, millions of people lost their jobs due to lockdown restrictions. A byproduct of the crisis is the spectacular growth of remote opportunities.  

Remote work in South Africa 

Everyone has been affected by the pandemic. The situation is especially grave in the gig economy. Work from home was growing in South Africa before the pandemic, but now it is projected to boom. In 2017, 42% of all local companies had full-time remote schemes (according to Dimension Data). Today, many of their colleagues also work from home as there is simply no way to visit offices.  

Remote work is a new reality. And it can be exceptionally rewarding. Studies conducted in recent years have revealed that over 75% of those who work from home feel more productive. Office workers may find it difficult to adapt initially, but they will likely appreciate the opportunities eventually. The arrangement is feasible and it brings plenty of benefits to those who can manage their time and space.  

Types of jobs 

Aside from office jobs transitioning to the home environment, there are many professions that are remote by nature. Graphic designers work as freelancers, creating projects for different clients at the same time. Another growing segment is online trading.  

In South Africa, it is stimulated by technological advances, Internet penetration, and convenience. Anyone can monetize their knowledge of global financial markets. Forex trading, stocks, CFDs, and other instruments are accessed through brokers like FXTM. Global brands are interested in the region and they educate beginners in what forex trading is and the peculiarities of making money in this market.

Local traders may use cutting-edge trading terminals that work on both desktop and mobile devices. This is a classic example of remote work, as all operations are conducted through the Internet. From initial market analysis to closing of positions, trading platforms are all-in-one systems. 

Four key recommendations 

Remote work requires a special mindset, whether you are a trader, freelancer, or self-employed individual. Here are a few tips to help you adapt faster. These can save a lot of time and effort.  

1. Create the right environment 

A messy desk will not stimulate your productivity. Begin by creating a suitable space – it should feel like a separate home office. Working in the kitchen is hardly appropriate as you need to eliminate possible distractions. If you live alone, you can work anywhere. When other people interfere, it won’t work to your advantage. 

work space
Credit: @xps |Unsplash

Another question is your background for video calls. You should look presentable if your employer conducts meetings via Zoom or Skype. Pay attention to what is visible behind you. Keep the space tidy so as to avoid possible embarrassment due to dirty laundry or anything of this nature.  

2. Arm yourself with the right tools 

As you submit your work online, everything depends on the reliability of technical means. For instance, traders need their platforms to analyze markets and manage positions accordingly. These are installed on a desktop and mobile devices. The hardware you use, as well as connection to the Internet, must be stable.  

using tech tools
Credit: Unsplash

Disruptions, such as bugs or power cuts, may result in lost work. This also applies to any internal networks your company may be using. While traders do not need a phone to work online, other professionals do. Get a headset with a good mic if calls are made via computers.  

3. Organize your day 

The way your perfect day must be structured depends on the nature of work. When there are several tasks, it is vital to prioritize. Create a list of things to do and decide which ones are the most urgent and important. You may also calculate the time needed for each and schedule breaks.  

organise day
Credit: @soundtrap |Unsplash

Some remote occupations (such as Forex) offer flexibility. You can schedule work around your most productive hours. A trader may choose different strategies based on available time and use virtual private servers to keep their systems running 24/7. Unless you have to be online from 9 to 5, use biological rhythms to your advantage. For instance, a morning person may complete tasks more quickly and efficiently in the early hours.  

4. Steer clear of multitasking 

Multitasking can make us feel more productive, but it is actually an illusion. The human brain is not designed to handle two things simultaneously and equally well. Remember: multitasking is a road to poor results.  

Discover remote work 

Today, remote job opportunities are abundant. It is easy to start trading Forex via international brokers. Alternatively, ask your employer about telework or consider switching fields. If working from home suits you, it can make you happy. 

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