Google Meet crashes in OnePlus 6T Smartphones While Using Work Profile

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OnePlus 6T is facing some problems while launching Google Meet. A number of users took to OnePlus’s online forum to discuss this problem and perhaps to find a suitable solution to this problem.

The problem seems to occur every time a user tries to log into Google Meet using their MDM Work Profile. The Google platform crashes every time the users try to launch a new meeting or join a scheduled meeting. However, this problem is not consistent across all profiles. Notably, the user’s personal profile works just fine, and Google Meet does not crash while signings in using a personal profile. The settings that allow permission for various apps had also been enabled in most cases.

A user has further commented on this crashing issue that it seems to be working fine while joining a meeting on Google Meet using a separate device. However, if the login is done using the OnePlus 6T smartphone, even though the screen reads that the user is logged in, the app in the smartphone crashes. All possible solutions, such as resetting app permissions, uninstalling and reinstalling Google Meet in Work Profile, and removing and rereading Work Profile, have been tried and tested but to no avail.

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This problem may at first appear to be exclusive to OnePlus smartphone users, as the same problem has not been lodged by other smartphone users. Several other users have come forward with their stories of the app crashing. Another user has lodged in a complaint on the forum mentioning that the Google Meet (Work Profile) is working fine on Google Pixel 2 Android 10 and on ZTE Blade Prime 10 Android 9 phones.

Since no solution seems to be working, even on Google Meet’s end, it is safe to presume that the latest software update for the OnePlus smartphones, version 10.3.4, that took place last week, could be the main reason behind this problem. OnePlus is yet to acknowledge this problem. It should be mentioned that the first problem came to the front in June and remains unresolved.

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