After its collaboration with China GT China, Supercar Championship in 2017 and 2018, Weibo confirms that the China-based company 8848 had been working on to bring about a new launch of limited edition mobile phone called the 8848 smartphones both by China GT and 8848 under the same roof. Finally, after years of operations, tomorrow we are to witness the final launch ‘supercar limited edition’ which comes with a 5G support as well.

According to Weibo,

Inheriting the luxury genes of supercars and deducing the speed passion of the 5G era, the new limited edition of the 8848 with supercar performance will be launched tomorrow…

For those who are confused with the name 8848 smartphone, supercars are nothing but a new edition of smartphones whose features are still not out, but it is not far from its previous editions. Just a few variations and improvisations have been embedded in the new edition.