The glass passivated package or the GPP bridge rectifiers that are being offered by Taiwanese makers will help in the growth of the shipments for Apple MacBook in the third quarter of 2020.

Because of the growing demands for tablets and laptops during the pandemic and the rise in work from home model of jobs. This GPP will be useful and will be better than the Apple AirPower that got cancelled previously, as reported by the Digitimes. The GPP bridge rectifiers can thus be used for “fast charging”.

Apple had previously achieved a patent for its phenomenal creation of a built-in fast-charging pad in the palm rest area of the MacBook for iDevices. This could also be perhaps used for the reverse charging of an iPhone or Apple Watch.

The future looks promising for Apple and specifically after it has harbored and gained support from these Taiwanese suppliers specializing in GPP bridge rectifiers. We can thus say, “the future is here!”