YouTube deletes millions of videos on the ground of violating protocols

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Following this unprecedented scene of the pandemic, this year had been facing a lot of challenges and abrupt changes in various segments. With the ongoing shutdown, technology now has become the sole weapon for human-to-human contact.

From studies, to work, even tutorials are now surging high via various social media. However, despite the surging concentration to this digitized system, we saw a bulk of video deletion over the YouTube platform.

It is not the first time that such a scene occurred. Earlier we saw YouTube banning a few famous personalities on the ground of racism, and other ethnic – bashing that these people were spewing over the social media. And this time, it is a shocking number of 11.4 million videos concerning the extensive reviewing that people were making videos of.

While social media is a hub of new knowledge and introduction to new equipment, it has also been used as a corruptive tool of spreading criticism, and other commentaries that deemed negative on human sentiments. Moreover, apart from certain useful reviews, various videos made on a similar theme seemed to have spread negative impact focusing less on utility and more on trolling, criticizing and shaming.

Despite the given protocols and guidelines, such extensive use of YouTube that catered to attend subscribers with more slapstick, sarcastic and negative intonations, the situation was gradually condensing to a negative impact, leading to YouTube delete such negatively-impactful videos.

YouTube pointed out that the number of videos restored after appeals rose from 25% in the first quarter to 50% in the second quarter of 2020, although these appeals accounted for less than 3% of deleted videos.

Moreover, this platform is no more confined for entertainment purposes but has become a ground for official, formal media in countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, India, Brazil, and other companies around the world.

However, there also lies flexibility where an owner has the right to appeal if they find the video deletion done wrongly.

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