Nexus War: Fortnite assembles Marvel superheroes to fight against Galactus

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Fortnite has dropped the trailer for the next chapter of its season 4. Fortnite was expecting that the new trailer would be received by nothing less than astute excitement by its fans. The latest tweet from the online video game announces the release of a full superhero packed series for Chapter 2, Season 4, called Fortnite Nexus War.

The short trailer that accompanied the tweet indeed was anything unlike any previous season with the entire story. The new story is devoted completely to Marvel superheroes and villains and includes heavy names such as Iron Man, Thor, Storm, and Wolverine. The launch trailer kind of introduces the story-line or as to what to expect from the upcoming season.

The launched trailer shows the superheroes doing their daily jobs while suddenly being beamed up by Sif’s Bifrost magic, teleported across time and space to what looks like the Fortnite island. On their sudden and unexpected arrival at the island, most of the heroes come face to face with hostility from other superheroes beamed up by Thor, much to the shock and surprise of Jonesy, Ravel, and other Fortnite inhabitants.

We get to see Wolverine baring his steel claws naked, on the other side Peely shows his banana claws as a reaction. Storm flies high up to bring her superpower to the island and bring disadvantage to her enemies, the other group of superheroes and villains.

Thor with all his god-like mighty power intervenes in time to point to the main villain of the story. He points out to a distant galaxy and the super-villain Galactus is approaching full power with all the intentions to devour everything in his path, and finally to defeat the Marvel superheroes.

This gives everyone perspectives and their attention shifts to the actual evil at hand. The superheroes will unite in a fight to save Reality from Galactus. As much exciting the storyline sounds, the feedback reverted back from Fortnite players have somewhat been mixed. Season 4 will kick off as soon as the downtime is over.

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