AMD has launched Radeon Software Adrenalin version 20.8.3 graphics driver

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AMD has recently launched Radeon Software Adrenalin version 20.8.3 graphics driver. The new version driver is not mandatory, however, the company recommends that the users should upgrade to the latest version. The new version has updated the performance by 12% for ‘Fortress Night’.

On the other hand, new support for games such as ‘Car Project 3’, ‘Marvel Avengers’, and ‘Fortnite’ has also been added due to the new upgrade. According to reports, the performance of the RX5700 XT graphics card in “Fortnite” in DX12 mode has been increased by 12%. The new update will of course cover and fix some of the bug issues.

One of the major problems among the bug issues is that of Ryzen 7 3000 and Ryzen 4000 APUs playing YouTube videos stuck in Edge and Chrome browsers. This has also been solved by the update to Radeon Software Adrenalin version 20.8.3 graphics driver.  The update mainly focuses on optimized support for games, including Project Racing 3, Marvel Avengers, and Fortnite Wait, although not entirely shifting their attention from supporting several new Vulkan extensions.

The Radon RX 5700 XT graphics card is supported by the new version of the driver. Some of the bug fixes due to Radeon Software Adrenalin version 20.8.3 graphics driver include solving the crashing issue with the “Mortal Shell” warehouse interface, the crashing issue with ‘Surviving Mars” and “eFootball PES 2020”.

The problem with the display refresh rate in the FreeSync range after using HDR along with the problem faced after using a system with a hybrid graphics card regarding the Radeon Overlay in the “Hyper Scape” game has been solved. The crashing of “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” while using Discord and the problem with YouTube videos freezing when using Ryzen 7 300 and Ryzen 4000 series APUs have found their fixes too.

Other known issues include- “Project Racing 3” may encounter screen damage in VR mode, or cause performance degradation after turning on OSD. When using Radeon Vega graphics card, “Horizon: Zero Dawn” will have performance problems.

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