Xiaomi had released an under-display selfie camera prototype last year, but the executives at Xiaomi confirmed that it was not ready for consumers. Today, however, Xiaomi confirmed that it will launch an under-display camera mounted phone in 2021.

In a blog post, the company confirmed its third-generation under-display camera module where the sensor is invisible due to “self-developed pixel arrangement“, doubling the number of vertical and horizontal pixels, uniformly distributing the pixel density as the rest of the display. The brightness, color gamut, and color accuracy will be the same throughout the camera.

Thus it will be an all-immersive display, where the camera module cannot be seen on the screen. The camera algorithms have been tweaked to make the pixel density the same as the conventional selfie camera. Xiaomi uses special circuit design that hides more components under the RGB sub-pixels and this will increase the light transmittance in the area.

Xiaomi has seen a 99.2% growth year-on in the overseas markets for prices which is 300 Euros or above. It has a 16.8% market share in Europe and is the third-largest manufacturer of handsets in the area. Thus this offer will increase the sales of Xiaomi further.