Reports suggest that Google has been working on a new Chromebook model which will be launched in 2021. The new model is being thought to be the successor of Pixelbook Go. It has been given the code name “Halvor”.There is every possibility that Google may be working on different Chromebooks, however Halvor has been attracting the maximum interest.

According to Robby Payne’s report on Chrome Unboxed, Halvor is based on the “Volteer” baseboard. Payne noted the appearance of the code name Halvor in the Chromium Repository.

The baseboard Volteer directly implies that the new Chromebook model will be using Intel’s 11th Gen Tiger Lake processors. Volteer is the primary board being used to bring in Intel’s latest processor. Halvor seems to take a step up from its predecessors Pixelbook Go and Pixel Slate which run on the 8th Gen Intel Amber Lake processors.

Certain reports have also speculated that Halvor may replicate the clam-shell design of Google Pixelbook Go. Thus the user will have the option to use it as a laptop or a tablet. This suggests that Halvor will most likely include a touchscreen panel along with the basic keyboard and touch-pad.

The available details about the specs of Halvor state that the new Chromebook model will have two variants of RAM, one of which may be a 16 GB variant. In terms of USB connectivity, it will feature 3 USB Type C ports and also a USB 4 port. Google will also provide Halvor with a 3.5 mm headphone jack, something which was missed in the Pixel Slate. In all likelihood, Halvor seems to be a premium upgrade on its Pixelbook predecessors.