There has been a lot of news released on the Intel EVO platform recently. Similar to the Intel’s “Athena” certification, the EVO is a light and thin solution. There are however only high-end models from various companies. The introduction information of the HP 11th generation Core Spectre x360 notebook has been released by the @WalkingCat.

HP Spectre x360 is equipped with the 11th-generation Core Duo and holds the design from the previous generation. There is a narrow bezel design on the three sides and a 360-degree screen flip can be done on the device.

It has been upgraded to the Thunderbolt 4 interface and an AMOLED screen has been made optional. This information has been made available by the @WalkingCat. It has been speculated that a series of EVO certified notebook might be announced in the press conference like the last generation’s Athena certified notebooks. These devices are sure to promise an excellent design, screen, connectivity, and battery life.